Have you ever seen this happening in a Masajid?

If anyone can explain what this is all about, then please do drop me a line.

Either he’s curing their epileptic fits or they’re auditioning for the next round of Barelvi’s got talent.



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6 responses to “Have you ever seen this happening in a Masajid?

  1. Crazy maybe, but is it unislamic?

    That is the burden of proof we must use, not one of how it looks.

    I have no idea what they are doing, but the hadith of doing dhikr until people think that you are mad comes to mind.

  2. abu nuhaa

    This is odd and I don’t think it has any relation to Islam- well, anything that would have been done by the pious predecessors!

  3. W S

    What can I say!

    The instructor is definitely impersonating the dancer from the Blazing Saddles rendition of ‘The camp town lady’.

    The first man looks like he is being electrocuted by a live wire under the carpet like the poor horse at Ascot a while ago.

    The second man is definitely putting on what can only be described as an Elvis impersonation.

    As for the rest of them I think its a case of just trying to fit in, unfortunately there just isn’t enough room!

    A classic case of the blind leading the blind. I watched this clip on the tube on the way to work and almost lost control of my bodily functions.

    Keep them coming Akh

  4. dude001

    After asking around a few real scholars, the answer most of them gave was that if it is a genuine emotional reaction to the zikr then what can you do – human emotion is sometimes uncontrollable. If people are putting it on then they are just silly.

    Shariah does not have control over human emotion. The reactions the people in the video are having/putting on are not a sign or “barometer” of ones sincerity in zikr but rather a response of performing in some cases. Its more a psychological than islamic. To me my emotion tells me that stuff is scary and stay away.

  5. When Maulvi's Go Wild


  6. Hmmmm….quite odd. People do find some unusual uses for Masjids. I’m always surprised to find women lazing around with their kids, laid on the floor, feet up against the wall, playing music on their phones. Most distracting! But imagine if you walked into this and tried to perform prayer!

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