Is Israel preparing a new campaign of terror bombing on Gaza?

There is a real fear that the zionist state is on the verge of launching an all out campaign of terror bombing on Gaza to heighten the strategic and tactical differences among the various Palestinian factions in an effort to forestall any possibility of unity as well as to signal its willingness to rain down more violence on Palestinians.

The mainstream media has cooperated in the effort to portray Israel’s assault on Gaza as a matter of self-defence, despite its obviously offensive nature.

Case in point: The bomb detonated in a Occupied Jerusalem bus stop on March 23 that killed one and injured 30 more was reported in headline news around the world, but the Israeli shelling that killed eight people and left dozens injured a week earlier received hardly any coverage.

The murder of Palestinian civilians in Gaza doesn’t compare to the deaths of civilians inside Israel.

Likewise, the press has devoted acres of coverage to the firing of Qassem rockets from Gaza for the first time in years. The Palestinian rockets generally fall without effect in the desert, but are fired by Palestinian factions into southern Israel as a form of symbolic protest at Israel’s violence. Yet Israel’s use of far more powerful artillery and air strikes are described as “defensive.”

As a case in point, let’s list every single military operation that israel have carried out in the last 31 days, ask yourself if any of these deaths and injuries have been reported in the mass media. Sadly these illegal israeli incursions into the Palestine Occupied Territories are like most other months in the past 60-odd years.

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights reports, that in the 31 days of the month there were:

29 air strikes by Israel (F16 fighter planes, Apaches Helicopter Gunships)
137 land-based armed attacks (tanks, armoured vehicles, troops)
539 other raids and house invasions (weapons present not used);
327 night/early morning disturbances (low-flying aircraft, vehicle-borne loud speakers); and
7 curfews – all in occupied territories.

As a consequence 24 Palestinians were killed, 170 were seriously injured, 55 others were beaten, 247 were taken prisoner, 532 detained for up to 24-hours and 2,467 had their movements restricted at road-blocks and arbitrary checks. In addition, of course, tens of thousands had their lives made a misery by the continual harassment inflicted by the Israeli army and illegal settlers.

To give a complete picture, they were Palestinian attacks on 14 days in March – missiles were fired towards the Green Line. There were no reports of injury.

To illustrate the life of Palestinians under Israeli occupation, here are three examples taken at random:

– on the 1st March at 13:10pm, Occupation troops cut down about 25 olive trees on land near the village of Al Fureidis, in so doing taking away the farmer’s livelihood

– on 16th March a fanatic from the settlement of Maskiot held up Palestinian children on a road near the village of Al Malih, stole their horse and tied it to his vehicle, which he then used to drag the animal along the road until it died, and

– on the 22nd at 9-00am a 12-year-old boy, Shadi Fayez Omar, was admitted to hospital with severe injuries following a beating by a group of Israeli soldiers near the village of Al Jib

Despite this, our politicians give their tacit support to Israel.

They refuse to allow open debate about Israel’s breaches of International Law, they allow British exports used directly in furthering the Occupation, and are promoting changes to prevent citizens initiating legal action against Israeli war criminals; whilst in Europe there are moves to give even more preferential treatment to Israeli exports.

Ask yourself what you are doing to alleviate the situation of 1.5 million people trapped in Gaza?


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2 responses to “Is Israel preparing a new campaign of terror bombing on Gaza?

  1. Bev

    You don’t have to worry the Obama administration is no friend to Israel and the are going to eventually be slaughtered just like WWII. They are surrounded by people who hate them have people like you who report one side of the news to accomplish your objective. The day the US turns their back on Israel will be a very sad day. This world is so screwed up and your column is right at the top of the list.

    • hotterthanapileofcurry

      Spoken like a true hasbarite for the zionist state.

      I used to take it as a badge of honour that I could upset so many of the israeli project’s lovers, however your complete denial of the facts are getting beyond any personal satisfaction that I gain.

      You have no humanity and no concept of the real world.

      Your sponsors have already declared their intent with operation: scorched summer.

      A new campaign of murder, mutilation and carnage on a hapless civilian population in Palestine.


      You must be pleased.

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