A 1976 BBC documentary on Muammar Gadaffi – Allah, Muammar & Libya only!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I have found a sort of fly-on-the-wall documentary made in 1976 which follows Muammar Gadaffi around as he goes about ruling Libya.

One highlight is a section with his mother and father who still live in a tent out in the desert. Mrs Gadaffi explains how her son has insisted that they must remain living in their old tent until every other Libyan is properly housed in a modern apartment.

The documentary makes it clear how repressive and brutal Gadaffi’s regime is. How he has locked up and tortured thousands of his opponents.

But then it takes a fascinating turn. The interviewer asks Gadaffi to explain why he has sent Libyan troops to fight with the Palestinians against Israel, and why he has sent in Libyan agents to try and overthrow President Sadat of Egypt.

In response Gadaffi launches into an explanation that countries like Libya have a duty to intervene in other nations where the ordinary people are being oppressed by autocrats or oppressive governments – and help free them.

That includes helping to liberate Egypt and Tunisia.

But it also means, he says, that politicians like him are justified in intervening in Northern Ireland to help the Provisional IRA. Because they are oppressed by the British government

They too are victims.

Gaddafi in his time has done plenty for the advancement of Libya, however, as is the want of Muslim/Arab leaders, he has clearly stayed well past his mandate.

Arab leaders love to have their pictures adorning every surface in their country, from the walls of government buildings, to pictures hanging from the entire length of a skyscraper.

His love of power can be seen in the delusionally oft repeated mantra which states – Allah, Muammar & Libya only!

This demagoguery is rampant within the Arab/Muslim world and the cult of the leader is one that The Akh despises.

Video Credit:“Goodies & Baddies”, Adam Curtis


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