Hijabi Muslim Schoolgirls – Experts in Wushu Kungfu

This video footage is of Muslim school girls from St. Maaz high school practising Chinese wushu martial arts inside the school compound in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad. Under the tutelage of Sifu Abdur-Rahman Aqeel, the Wushutaiji Quan Academy have won many an accolade at senior and national level.

Longtime followers of The Akh will know he has a passion for all things Kung Fu. After I got back from my trip to China, I blogged on how the Afghan resistance had deployed Kung Fu as their new weapon against their occupiers.

Sadly in “the west” we have people coming out with rubbish that wearing a hijab prevents you from engaging in activities that the rest of can do with ease.

Well, let’s see them try and do half the things these hijabi wearing sisters are doing.

The Akh is in awe of your skills and wonders if their is a sister in niqab who has similar skills in WuShu.

That would make for a true ninja!

Shout out to the people over at KabobFest for bringing to The Akh’s attention, where they have more on the subject.



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3 responses to “Hijabi Muslim Schoolgirls – Experts in Wushu Kungfu

  1. Mashallah! Amazing!

  2. Subhanallah… i do really appreciate them since last year i heard about them… Keep Going sisters… CaiYoo… ^_^

  3. kiki

    salam alikoum machaALLAH in france kung fu schools refuse hijab that’s why i can’t pratice this art …so take care about your school !!!!!

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