Israel behind the murders of Vittorio Arrigoni & Juliano Mer Khamis

In the last two weeks, two well known international activists in the Occupied Territories of Palestine have been murdered. Israel has a hand in Vittorio Arrigoni & Juliano Mer Khamis’s deaths – why?

Nobody benefits more than Israel.

Israel could not ask for a greater gift, with the upcoming flotilla which they fear like nothing else, to maintain the blockade imposed on Gaza, they are targeting “white, western” activists within the International Solidarity Movement to scare them away from getting involved in any activities involving Palestine.

The Islamic Resistance Movement in Occupied Palestine has denounced in the strongest terms that the group that has perpetrated this criminal activity does not reflect the culture or customs of the Palestinian people who are open to friendship with all people.

Whilst both these actions are rightly condemned, it’s all too typical of the mass media to highlight these episodes in Palestine, whilst keeping silent over all the actions committed by Israel over the last month, that has resulted in the deaths of over 24 civilians in the Occupied Territories.

Israeli terrorist groups like “Stop the ISM” have been ardent in their mission to stop the International Solidarity Movement from helping life the Occupation of Gaza.

In fact this terrorist organisation has openly produced a hitlist (a web cache of which appears below) which calls for the deaths of flotilla crew members, reporters and any humanitarians fighting for Palestinian rights.

Number one on that list for the IDF was Vittorio Arrigoni.

Israel’s aim is to break the willingness and spirit of the International activist community who will soon be setting out to break the blockade of the Occupied Territories of Palestine, by road and by sea.

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One response to “Israel behind the murders of Vittorio Arrigoni & Juliano Mer Khamis

  1. Israel have blood on their hands. But they are digging their own graves by targetting peaceful activists. May Allah grant all Israel’s victims eternal paradise. Ameen.

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