What prompted David Cameron’s trip to Pakistan & the ‘unbreakable’ relationship

David Cameron was in Pakistan last week, talking about the “unbreakable” relationship between the UK & Pakistan and promising trade not aid.

It wasn’t long ago that he accused Pakistan of promoting the “export of terror”.

So what prompted this visit and this complete about turn?

Joint U.S.-Pakistan intelligence operations have been halted since late January, with ties being strained thanks to massive drone strikes killing scores of civilians and the case of mercenary Raymond Davis.

This is how the special relationship between Britain & the USA works.

Obama picks up the phone and tells Dave to high tail it over to Pakistan and promise them bucket loads of cash to play ball again.

“Foreign aid is always something that’s easy to cut by a budget-tightening Congress, and foreign aid to Pakistan would be the easiest thing to cut, It’s very hard to persuade congressmen why we should be giving money to a country that supports the Afghan Taliban.”

Bruce Riedel, a former CIA Middle East expert who has advised the White House.

It’s the tried and trusted carrot and stick approach.

For all the flashy press conferences and headline making speeches, the truth has always been that all foreign aid and trade to Pakistan is corrupted.

The affluent lives of the ruling elite gets strengthened, with ordinary citizens seeing little benefit from the billions of aid dollars and suffer from regular human rights abuses, all thanks to foreign aid.


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