Politicians realise Android & iPhones tracking their every movement

In another case of when “the white man says it it must be true” a US senator has realised his phone has been tracking his every movement and has done what every middle aged white man would do when in a rage, write a letter of complaint.

The Akh has been blogging on this for some time now, “Is your phone spying on you” and “your mobile phone is tracking you and you don’t even know it” being a couple of prime examples.

Perhaps Senators Al Franken and Rep. Ed Markey sent Apple the demanding letters as they were worried they might get caught up procuring a hooker, drugs or even both.

All this time Rupert Murdoch’s bum wipe papers were tapping people’s telephones for information, all they had to do was to get a tech nerd to get into the users data log, and hey presto, they would have had a whole lot more to go on then say a voicemail to a non descript celeb reminding them of their botox appointment.

Still, The Akh gets his dues on this one, and in a rather back handed way, gives props to the nut cases over at HT. Many moons ago The Akh went to one of their top secret halaqa’s but before getting to our destination The Akh was told to switch his mobile off, remove the sim, and the battery, for fear of HT being infiltrated and exposed.

Like they needed me to do that.

Reason #10034 for being careful when downloading a game app.

Brains’ Atomic Adventures

Help Brains (a transforming robot) as he tries to catch his best friend Atom the Dog who’s causing mayhem in the laboratory. Their story is told by a series of comic strips which lead you through the lab’s 3 zones: Workshop, Wind Tunnel and Parts Factory. Each zone is a mini-game of 5 levels. As a reward for completing a level, Brains teaches you some amazing facts about science!

Courtesy of the military industrial complex’s BAE systems

A simple way of spying on you through a delivery system of an unassuming game.

Be very careful what you download, and what permissions the app requires.


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