Muslim graves vandalised at High Wycombe Cemetery…Who’s really to blame?

Bloggers and Media outlets alike have been reporting on the fact that Muslim graves were vandalised at High Wycombe Cemetery.

As a resident of the area, The Akh is often accused of neglecting local news over more pressing matters, well, in all fairness, let me break down to you exactly what has transpired:

There has been plenty of hang wringing and a fake anguish (for those not directly affected), followed up with a few BS meetings with self appointed community leaders (yes the emails have been doing the rounds since Friday), the meeting which will happen next year as the uncle ji’s are far too busy with a committee meeting, eating samosa’s, drinking tea, watching cricket or driving their taxi’s.

Once they’ve agreed to who will attend the big meeting with “baraa goraa” (big white man) then it’s a case of who gets to shake his hand, which tinpot venue will host it, who’s bringing the biscuits and will the local rag turn up to take a picture of us with baraa goraa….and then the most important, who gets to stand next to baraa goraa and gets the most important quote in the paper.

Once all the various factions have decided on the line they want to appear in the press, and have gotten someone who has a GCSE in English to type it out they will include the terms:

“disgusted, cowardly, deplorable, reprehensible, we condemn these acts”

Now to the layman, you are all thinking, “How can you be so hard? this is such a heinous act”

Well let me tell you something, I’m tired of the BS from these people.

There will always be idiots who commit acts such as these, but if you want to blame anyone for this, blame yourselves for electing councillors who don’t give a ish about you and do absolutely nothing to defend the interests of the people who voted them in.

This isn’t exclusive to my locality, after all it’s happened several times in Manchester and on three occasions in Leeds .

When you do nothing to stop the tide of Islamophobia, then you are either incapable, stupid or complicit through your inactions.

A case of the worst of people ruling over the best?

In June last year, The Akh attended a meeting where it was discussed that the Muslim section of the cemetry needs to be extended, mostly due to a burgeoning elderly community in the area.

When it was suggested that you will have to be politically savvy to get this goal achieved, without certain elements railroading hard against you, The Akh was accused of naivety….well they didn’t say “naivety” as you would need to have a decent grasp of vocabulary to know the existence of the term.

Well guess what, the proposal was met with usual cries of Muslims taking over and all the other usual narratives.

What is deemed a simple request for cemetery space quickly made it into the national press, with The Telegraph reporting:

“Council spends £150,000 so Muslim graves can face Mecca…..A council is spending £150,000 to extend a cemetery so that the graves of Muslims can face Mecca”

While The Express reported in typical BIG SHOUTY WORDS:


So just in case the rest of the world didn’t know it, Muslims, like the rest of the population of this planet do eventually die.

It was left to the Bishop of Buckingham, Alan Wilson to point out the bigotry in the press and to defend Muslims, because the Muslims of High Wycombe do not have a brain cell between them to defend themselves in the media or politically.

The good Bishop rebutted the entire falsity of the Islamophobic argument with three simple points:

Enter the Bucks Free Press with a story called “High Wycombe Cemetery Extension agreed for Muslim Burials.” This downpedals the fact that a cemetery extension was needed anyway, and points out Muslims like be buried facing Mecca whilst omitting, curiously, to point out

1. It doesn’t cost any more to bury people in new ground facing any particular direction

2. The site in question snakes round a hillside in all directions, and where the majority orientation has been East, Mecca is basically East of High Wycombe anyway

3. Since 11·3% of the town’s ratepayers are Muslim, they surely have the same right to be buried according to their wishes, if possible, as everybody else.

Next, as is the way with Flat Earth News, this scoop (that Muslims in High Wycombe die like everybody else — Shock! Horror!) is routed, via This is Local London, to the Daily Telegraph.

Whilst this has been brewing for almost a year, the inept councillors buried their heads in the sand and get this, came up with such harebrained schemes as the Gulshan-e-Wycombe Islamic garden plans to bolster community cohesion…I kid you not….just read some of the comments left.

The Akh is absolutely clear, the people of High Wycombe are governed by councillors who are an absolute waste of space and it’s not a case of them being half asleep on the job, they are in a deep seated comatose state.

The Akh is tired of politics, but with the upcoming elections the people of High Wycombe will be getting an exact breakdown on who is in the parlance of the kids today a wasteman.

Hold your local councillors to account and ask them what they’ve done for the community before voting for your Baradari as is the case whenever dodgy Paki’s are involved in politics.

Muslim councillors of High Wycombe….you have been warned, you will be held accountable for your negligence.


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