Racist French Football Association decides that number of “Black & Arab” pro-footballers should be capped at 30%

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The bigoted French Football Association decided that there should be a racial quota for it’s football clubs, with “Blacks & Arabs” being capped at 30% of the total of all professional footballers.

The French establishment have a huge problem with racism, when they’re not arresting women from wearing the hijab, they have a problem with a huge chunk of their population, because, the trouble is all these uppity blacks and muzlims have no respect for cheese and wine French culture and slowly they are eroding everything the great French nation stands for dammit….take your pick, Sarkozy, Kouchner, Le’ Pen…they all have variants of this same spin.

The World Cup triumph of the French national team in 1998, and the projection of Zinedine Zidane – son to Algerian immigrants and raised in the ‘banlieues’ of Marseille – onto the Arc de Triomphe was supposed to represent the multi-cultural French ideal.

But the problems in France’s urban suburbs didn’t go away and the French have no tolerance towards minorities.

The issue also goes back to the French team’s mutiny to train at the World Cup finals last summer. The fiasco was privately blamed by some on the black and Muslim players in the squad, and speculation was rife that the team fragmented due to a lack of “national identity”.

Of the 30 players most regularly chosen for the 2010 World Cup until now, the following 22 are either Black or Arab:

Frank Ribery, Eric Abidal, Karim Benzema, Nicolas Anelka, Samir Nasri, Steven Mandanda, Rod Fanni, Patrice Evra, Adil Rami, William Gallas, Bacary Sagna, Gael Clichy, Alou Diarra, Lassana Diarra, Florent Malouda, Yann M’Vila, Abou Diaby, Thierry Henry, Djibril Cisse, Sidney Govou, Hatem Ben Arfa, Jimmy Briand.

So when MediaPart revealed the transcript of a high-level, closed-door meeting when the quotas were debated;

National technical director François Blaquart: “We could trace, on a non-spoken basis, a sort of quota. But it must not be said. It stays as action only.”

U21 year-olds Espoirs team coach Erick Mombaerts: “There are clubs like Lyon who do it in their training academies. They do it systematically.[…] they can’t stand it anymore.”

France coach Laurent Blanc: “I’m going to give you the example of the Spanish. They don’t have these problems […] The Spanish, they told me ‘we don’t have a problem. Us, we don’t have any blacks…..large, strong, powerful…..And who are the large, strong, powerful? The blacks. That’s the way it is. It is a current fact. God knows that in the training centres and football academies, there are lots.”

One of the first measures taken by Blanc – a World Cup winner from 1998 – when he became coach of the French team last summer was to stop the team policy of eating only halal meat.

Apparently in France, counting people by race or ethnic origin – even for census purposes or for statistics research – is banned, a state which, in theory, is blind to race or religion.

The notion of quotas is fundamentally anti-republican.

The Akh would like to remind the Napoleon complex addled French, that their bigoted, Islamophobic agenda needs to be checked, apartheid is dead, everywhere except Israel that is, and if it wasn’t for us Blacks and Muslims who rebuilt your battered countries after the second world war and worked like slaves to build your economies while you slaughtered us in Algeria, we are here, and we’re not going anywhere.

For a country that was founded on a riot, you better know that these aren’t the slave days and there’s only so much you can push people before they push back.



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4 responses to “Racist French Football Association decides that number of “Black & Arab” pro-footballers should be capped at 30%

  1. just saying

    IF it wasn’t for their Arab/Muslim and African players France wouldn’t have won the world cup or the European cup…I think all the non-white players should resign until the french FA changes its chiefs…lets see how well they do with an all white team!

  2. Akh The Angry Academic Activist

    Patrick Vieira has said he is shocked at reports that the France coach Laurent Blanc and other officials discussed introducing quotas to limit the number of non-white players in the national team set-up

    The Manchester City midfielder Vieira told Le Monde: “This story is scandalous. I’m shocked. I would never have imagined that the football chiefs in our country could have such conversations about the France team in the body of the federation. ”

    “When I read that he has said, ‘The Spaniards, they don’t have a problem because they don’t have any blacks’ or ‘What is there that is big, strong, powerful? The blacks’, it’s scandalous. These are serious comments. People can tell me what they want, but no one was trapped during this meeting. No one was forced anyone to say these comments and still they said them. It’s a fact, that’s shocking.”

    “It’s difficult to suspend just one person when others had the same type of discussion,” he said. “It would have been more logical to suspend everyone who, like him, said the same things. It’s not up to me to say who should go, but I would not have been able to understand how these directors, who were at the meeting, could stay in their jobs.

    “If these people stay, then that’s the door open to all discriminations. If football really wants to fight against this scourge, if the FFF want to show that they have the values of the Republic, then there are strong decisions that must be made. They shouldn’t forget that they are the elite of football. It’s they who will design the French football of tomorrow. It’s they who are supposed to defend community harmony.”


  3. Akh The Angry Academic Activist

    Skip to 42 seconds in:

  4. This web site is an excellent read, thanks.

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