Job Vacancy for World’s #1 Terrorist/Bogeyman opens up as U.S. stage Osama Bin Laden’s death

The “news” of Osama Bin Laden’s “death” leaves a massive job vacancy to fill as world’s #1 terrorist. The following job criteria has already been put out:

New bogeyman/terrorist supermind needed, the ideal candidate must hate:

The west
The great satan America
Corrupt Muslim rulers
Western foreign policy

No previous experience is required as full training will be given, it would be advantageous if applicant can speak Arabic/Urdu/Farsi, be of an olive/brown complexion, be able to grow a beard, or have one already and look scary in a head wrap and flowing pyjamas.

AK 47 will be provided as will crew of minions and satellite phone direct to US military intelligence to liase missions with.

Written applications at the White House or the Pentagon…previous applicants need not apply.

Now that the yanks have decided OBL is “dead dead” rather than being plain old “dead”, which he has been since 2007, remember the fake Osama video that the US knocked up to show the world’s biggest threat was alive and kicking;

The world laughed so hard at the fake tape, hence his double was probably fired – yeah he’s the one you saw in your supermarket buying a can of beans with Bruce Lee, Elvis and 2Pac – and thats why we have got audio mixtape shout outs ever since – bit harder for the general population to authenticate his voice.

As I type this up, I’m sure the COINTELPRO boys are stitching together some kind of greatest hits compilation from Osama in the shape of his last mixtape shoutout to his boys or even the osama bin laden execution video.

Let’s remember when they captured Saddam they paraded him in front of the media. Even his execution was leaked.

It’s already been proved that this picture above is a fake.

The yanks military intel were undecided on whether to release a still photo of a dead bin Laden, because, get this, “It is really, really graphic”

Well obviously, the picture above is fine, infact I’m half tempted to get it framed and hang it over my fireplace.

Even his so called burial at sea “which was carried out with full Islamic rites” is even stranger…remember they buried Megatron at sea at the end of Transformers and we all remember how that turned out, we might just get a OsamaTron popping out of the sea to wreak havoc once more.

All kidding aside, serious bit now concentrate, since starting this blog, The Akh has always told you to question the official narrative, the channel it’s distributed from, who owns the channel, and whats the motivation?

The media wank fest over this has been jingoistic and nauseating, with rolling news coverage, flashy graphics and expert white man analysis all coming thick and fast.

Analyse and answer the following:

The US destroys its own illusion, it’s own creation and its own myth in osama bin laden although he’s been dead since November 2001, why have this as news now? A great way to bury bad news?

Now that the US and the coalition of the willing have succeeded in their mission to kill OBL, is there any chance of getting your troops out of our countries?

No, didn’t think so.

Only two days ago, the Afghan resistance announced its spring offensive against invading armies, the #OBL news gives US carte blanche to maim, kill & destroy. Hillary Clinton has already spoken along the lines of saying that killing one person #OBL does not result in the death of the ideology, hence US must continue in its war OF terror.

The reality is that Osama hasn’t been relevant for years, except for those who used him as an excuse for their military adventures in the war OF terror.

One of my fears is that more pressure will be applied on Pakistan after this staged media event…infact it could be used as a precursor for a full scale war.

And then there’s the case of Obama himself. Under huge pressure at home – he pulled a trick straight out of George Bush’s playbook who would always drop a new bin laden mixtape to distract the people when he was under pressure – from republicans like the bellend that is part hair cut part orange perma tan Donald Trump. Obama’s re-election campaign starts in October, if he doesn’t use this – as the president who saved America from the biggest threat ever – to get a second term then his spin doctors are clearly shit. Then again when your only competitors are Donald Trump and the pig with lipstick Sarah Palin, you could put a Democratic ribbon on a shit on a stick and win.

Infact the idiots at rupert murdoch’s fix news decided that it wasn’t Osama that had died, but President Obama had…

Freudian slip huh?

America cannot survive as a nation unless it’s Military Industrial Complex, special interest (Israeli & weapon) lobby groups and The Pentagon are not on a foreign war of choice – scaring their own people to believe that their way of life is at risk if the bad guy’s are not hunted down and killed – with a pliant media in tow repeating the lie’s told by the state department.

Don’t believe any of the lies and the COINTELPRO that america and it’s subservient lackeys around the world push out.



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16 responses to “Job Vacancy for World’s #1 Terrorist/Bogeyman opens up as U.S. stage Osama Bin Laden’s death

  1. Osama Bin Laden

  2. hotterthanapileofcurry

    If you want to read more from another Muslim bloggers perspective, go and have a read of an insightful analysis of the situation:

  3. hotterthanapileofcurry


    Arrest the President
    up in parliament guns are trading
    some choose crime as their occupation
    they sell guns to destroy ya nation
    who’s the criminals? where’s the justice?
    we don’t trust no judges’ judgements

    can’t stand how are leaders lie,
    to make power moves they justify,
    with half baked stories that people buy,
    it’s all just spin making us comply,
    the plans of the west them mans are so greedy,
    so self righteous and so full of shit,
    talking about the rules of law and democracy,
    the presidents precedent is bare hypocrisy,
    teaching the way of the gun,
    this is how the west won,
    why should we believe a word of it,
    when the media is bias and bush was murderous,
    I don’t want them policing me,
    I didn’t vote for your racist theivery,
    I lose hope ‘cos you bring out the beast in me,
    Feel the winds of change blow eastwardly,
    and corruption’s all around us,
    you can’t tell me shit
    so don’t even attempt
    millions like me feel contempt
    hating bin laden I feel exempt
    nothings been proven to any extent
    we resent
    you think were meant to swallow your lies,
    when we know your bent.

  4. Osama "killed" to legitimise Guantanamo

    It all looks a bit too neat, to me.

    Osama bin Laden caught in a luxury compound (the photos of the interior seem to show a hovel) in Pakistan (to embarrass Pakistan), shot while using a woman as a shield (to rubbish his memory with Arabs who admire a strong man), buried at sea with all Muslim ritual (highly unlikely, going by Americans’ normal attitude to brown non-Christians from top to bottom of US society), the “intelligence” that led to his discovery having been obtained under torture from a Guantanamo detainee, and – cherry on the cake – Obama’s reputation rescued from the doldrums.

    Sorry, I think bin Laden died naturally of old age somewhere, and it is another poor man who was shot and buried at sea.

    And this has been used to make Guantanamo a “good thing” and shore up the US President’s failing fortunes.

  5. Given the nature of the 9/11 attacks a popular desire for vengeance in the US is a perfectly understandable and legitimate emotional response. It is not, however, a foreign policy. And if vengeance is a comprehensible human emotion then empathy is no less so.

    Americans have a right to grieve and remember those who died on 9/11. But they have no monopoly on memory, grief or anger. Hundreds and thousands of innocent Afghanis, Iraqis and Pakistanis have been murdered as a result of America’s response to 9/11. If it’s righteous vengeance they’re after, Americans would not be first in line. Fortunately it is not a competition, and there is enough misery to go around.

    But those who chant “We killed Bin Laden” cannot display their identification with American power so completely and then expect others to understand it as partial. The American military has done many things in this region. Killing Bin Laden is just one of them.

    If “they” killed Bin Laden in Abbottabad then “they” also bombed a large number of wedding parties in Afghanistan, “they” murdered 24 Iraqi civilians in Haditha and “they” gang-raped a 14-year-old before murdering her, her six-year-old sister and their parents near Mahmudiyah. If “they” don’t want to be associated with the atrocities then “they” need to find more to celebrate than an assassination. Vengeance is, in no small part, what got us here. It won’t get us out.

  6. Jarrar Mughal

    Great Article. love the wank fest bit.

  7. The death of Bin Laden may be that point for the simplified story of goodies versus baddies. It was a story born in the US and Britain at the end of the second world war – the “good war”. It then went deep into the western imagination during the cold war, was reawakened and has been held together over the last 10 years by the odd alliance of American and European politicians, journalists, “terror experts” and revolutionary Islamists all seeking to shore up their authority in a disillusioned age.

    But it is in Afghanistan that the story is really falling apart. We are beginning to realise that this simplification has led to completely unreal fantasies about who we are really fighting. Fantasies that only persist because they justify our presence there. For the fundamental problem with this simple story of good versus evil is that it does not permit a proper critical framework that allows you to properly judge not only those you are fighting, but also your allies.

    America and the coalition invaded Afghanistan with the simple aim of destroying the terror camps and setting up a democracy that would allow the country to be ruled by good people. But in the ensuing decade they have been tricked, spun round and deceived by the complex web of vested interests there. And their inability to understand and deal with this has led to the rise of a state crippled by corruption in which it is impossible to know who the “good” people might be any longer.

  8. There have been a number of discrepancies issued by the White House since Sunday’s raid.

    Press Secretary Jay Carney blamed the below differing stories on the ‘fog of combat.’

    THEN: Osama Bin Laden was armed with an AK-47 during the raid.

    NOW: The Al Qaeda leader was actually unarmed but did resist before he was shot.

    THEN: On Monday, the White House said Bin Laden was involved in a firefight, which is why the SEALs killed rather than captured him.

    NOW: On Tuesday, however, White House press secretary Jay Carney said Bin Laden did not fire on the SEALs.

    THEN: Counter-terrorism chief, John Brennan said a woman, thought to be one of bin Laden’s wives, was used as a human shield during the raid and was killed.

    NOW: Amal Al-Sadah, 27, bin Laden’s youngest wife, is thought to have rushed at the Navy SEALS and was shot in the leg but not killed. The woman who died was said to be the wife of one of his aides, caught in the cross fire.

    THEN: A White House transcript said it was bin Laden’s son Hamza who was killed in the raid.

    NOW: They then corrected that to another son Khalid.

    THEN: The night of the raid, administration officials held a telephone briefing for reporters. ‘During the raid, we lost one helicopter due to mechanical failure,’ one of the administration officials said.

    NOW: Later in the same call, another official contradicted that: ‘We didn’t say it was mechanical.’

  9. Akh The Angry Academic Activist

    osama bin laden execution video avi

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  11. Bin Laden Died Five Years Ago, said CIA Agent

    South Journal–Osama bin Laden presumably died five years before his announced killing by a special US command in the evening of May 2.

    Nearly 20 years ago, the future “number one terrorist” presumably arrived in Chechnya. These statements were made by a former CIA agent in exclusive interview with a Russia TV channel.

    Berkan Ashar, a Chechen national, personally asked for the interview with the TV channel journalist Anton Vernitski to tell him the truth about the death of Osama bin Laden, whom he first met in the early 1990s in Chechnya. According to Ashar “the Americans have only opened the tomb of the leader of Al Qaeda.”

    “In September 1992, I was in Chechnya. At that time I first met this person, who was called bin Laden. We met at a two-story house in Grozny. On the first floor there was the family of Gamsajuria, Georgia´s president, who was ousted from his country. We were downstairs and Osama was living there,” said Berkan Ashar.

    At that time the former official with Freedom Radio, Berkan Ashar, already had the CIA name of Abu Bakar.

    As to the question if the Americans neutralized Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, Berkan Bashar said that he would not believe it even if the whole world believed it. “I know his Chechen bodyguards very well; they are Sami, Ayub and Majmud, who were with him until his end. And I remember that all these people, plus two from London and another two from the US, in total seven saw him dead.

    He was very sick and he turned very thin. They washed him, they buried him,” said Berkan Yahshar and he said that although two Muslim Americans and two Muslim British were Osama´s bodyguards and they saw him dead, they did not took part in the burial. “He was buried only by the three Chechen men, according to bin Laden´s testament,” Yashar said. Osama was buried in the mountains on the Pakistani-Afghan border.

    After explaining all this to the Russian TV channel, Berkan Yashar said he feared for his life; in his opinion only a large spread of this information around the world may protect his life against any CIA action.

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