Court of Appeal quashes all corruption charges against Ali Dizaei, former Metropolitan Police Commander

Former Metropolitan police commander Ali Dizaei has been cleared of all the corruption charges laid against him, by the Court of Appeal.

More than a year ago, The Akh wrote a piece titled “It’s All White At Scotland Yard” which showed how the biggest gang in the UK, The Met, had systematically removed all high level Muslims from their command positions – can you imagine a Muslim being the actual commander?

At the time, The Akh said he had been framed, with the entire case being centred around an unpaid debt over a website, with one singular star witness for the prosecution, who has been exposed as a fraud.

This all shows how desperate The Met were to get rid off Dizaei, with spurious allegations that he was spying for Iran being a prime example of how badly they wanted shot of their own commander.

Dizaei described his time in prison as hell and like “putting a hand in a wasps’ nest” as he lived alongside the kind of criminals he had spent over two decades trying to jail, reminds me of Tango & Cash.

With a retrial imminent, it will be interesting to see what tactics the institutionally racist met police will wheel out to save face.


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One response to “Court of Appeal quashes all corruption charges against Ali Dizaei, former Metropolitan Police Commander

  1. Luisa

    There will be much shock, embarrassment, discomfort and debate at The Yard, MPA, CPS and IPCC. They thought they had finally nailed him. What is particularly amusing is Dizaei’s threat that when he clears his name, he intends to go back to his job and serve. That will certainly pee them off. 
    If acquitted, he should receive a very public apology from the Heads of each authority, be financially compensated, full pension, but perhaps move on to  better things. 
    Press conference:

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