How the zionist media promotes Muslim hatred to sell newspapers

This video shows how the right wing zionist media owned by the likes of Rupert Murdoch & Richard Desmond tell blatant lies about Muslims whenever one of their media outlets use Islamophobia to sell newspapers.

Shouty headlines like “BOMB THREAT AGAINST CORONATION STREET” to “MUSLIMS WANT TO BAN CHRISTMAS”, papers like the Sun, Mail, Express and Telegraph print stories they know are blatantly fabricated.

They just don’t care if the result is the spread of prejudice and race-hatred.

All’s fair in the war to boost newspaper circulation.

On a related note, The Akh has been watching the BBC’s “See You In Court” a documentary which follows libel battles as they unfold.

A recent episode dealt with North London Central Mosque’s libel case against Policy Exchange. You can read more about that particular case on the Barthnotes blog.

The Akh has long held the belief that just like the ADL was set up in the US as a watchdog for any anti semitism – We need a similar body here in the UK that deals with any Islamophobic actions – the only way these media outlets will learn is if their bottom line – their profits, the money in their pockets is hit over and over again by litigation in court.



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