Valley of the Wolves: Palestine

The Akh has to salute Turkey’s Pana Film’s for making the film “Valley of the Wolves: Palestine”. If you haven’t heard of it, then view the trailer above. Fans of foreign film will know that this a follow up to 2006’s “Valley of the Wolves: Iraq“, the story line depicted yankee soldiers slaughtering a wedding party, torturing prisoners, harvesting and selling their organs.

The americans & parts of the jewish community didn’t like the truth being told on the big screen:

For years we’ve had to put up with shit that lionises the zionist death squads like the Mossad in films like “Munich”, guess Turkey are the only country in the world to have the balls to go up against the zionist owned major hollywood studios.

The zionist lobby is spitting mad over this, as they do not want anyone else having a share of their element of propaganda, cue the now normal hallucinatory shrieks of anti semitism.

The three modern day Rambo’s rip through the occupied west bank, leaving the israeli forces destroyed, in a revenge attack after the murder of Turkish peace activists on the Mavi Marmara.

Resistance by all means necessary.


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