Sharon Horgan’s “Mecca Suicide Bombers” Jibe on Have I Got News For You – Joke or Insult?

BBC’s Have I Got News For You is yet again at the centre of a potential Islamophobic row, when presenter Sharon Horgan made the jibe about “The Mecca of suicide bombers….is Mecca”.

Should Muslims turn the other cheek and accept it is a light hearted, off the cuff joke?

Or is it yet another example of a publicly funded body taking the blatant piss out of one of it’s most maligned and under pressure communities?

The Akh has actually been to a recording of the show, and all the presenter does is to READ off an autocue machine, so this “joke” was pre-written by the programme’s writers – all Horgan did was read it out.

Then again, the BBC loves a bit of moral midgetry, remember that old thing called free speech?

Frankie Boyle certainly does, cracking a joke comparing Palestine to a cake being “punched to pieces by a very angry Jew” will get you rebuked.

Prejudice against Muslims has “passed the dinner-table test” and has become socially acceptable in the UK, even the Chairman of the Conservative party recognises this as a fact.

If we cannot accept bigotry in any shape of form, then why do Muslims have to learn to take a joke?


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5 responses to “Sharon Horgan’s “Mecca Suicide Bombers” Jibe on Have I Got News For You – Joke or Insult?

  1. It was a joke against suicide bombers and the use of “Mecca” to mean any ultimate desire. I didn’t see it as an attack on Muslims in general.

  2. vmwabe

    The crusaders are slowly but surely tearing us apart but can only succeed if we let them.

  3. abu nuhaa

    The thing is, pre 9/11 no one even talked about Islam let alone suicide bombers (or understood them). Now people are joking about them and happy to bring in one of the holiest cities in Islam as part of their joke!


    • stottie

      I knew as soon as she said the joke that it would cause hate. And all I have to say about it is calm down and turn the other cheek and doesn’t the Qur’an say meet the evil with good behavior? It was just a joke and it wasn’t even Sharon Horgan’s joke it was from the auto-que.

  4. Samarrai

    I found offensive and certainly not funny.
    You are merely reinforcing a malicious stereotyp

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