Lady Gaga’s latest album banned for being “offensive to Christianity.”

Lady Gaga’s latest album Born This Way has been banned in Lebanon for being “offensive to Christianity.”

Religious groups across the U.S. have already condemned Lady Gaga’s single “Judas” for its offensive lyrics and the use of religious imagery in the music video.

When Muslims complained about Cartoons or any other forms of vile criticisms that mock Islam, we’re told that to be part of a fully functioning “Western Liberal Democracy” we have to accept this as a “Freedom of Speech” issue.

Funny how you cry foul when you’re on the receiving end, don’t like it now do you?


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One response to “Lady Gaga’s latest album banned for being “offensive to Christianity.”

  1. Nice strawman you’ve made there… would you like help burning it?

    The fact is that the Lebanese government is wrong to ban this album, full stop. My commitment to free speech does not hinge on the identity of the speaker. Laws against blasphemy are particularly pernicious in history and application; they are universally instruments of the most vicious oppression.

    And one last, very important point. Much as the usual suspects have whined over this album, none of them has offered either violence or a credible threat of violence to Lady Gaga, her producers, her record company, or any other person involved in creating and distributing the album.

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