Muhammad Ali – Why Did You Become A Muslim?

The Akh found this footage of boxing great Muhammad Ali, being asked why he became a Muslim, if he followed Islam strictly and if he was as good a Muslim as he was a boxer.

Unfortunately today’s boxers don’t have the mental capacity to answer such questions.

Muhammad Ali stood up as a Muslim and as a black man in America to demand his rights.

What a shame that people like Amir Khan can’t do the same, it’s only when he gets violated by the yanks does he decide to speak up.

Goes to show, this “house muslim” mentality that our people have been brainwashed with gets you nowhere.

You can make the devil all the money he needs, you can shuck and jive to his tune, try demanding the god given rights you should have, you’ll get a smack in the face and reminded of your place in the pecking order.

There’s a good little monkey, sit in your halls amongst yourselves debating til the cows come home.

Please do carry on the lip service, you don’t know how badly we need you to perfect yourselves and feel holier than thou.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to slaughter you, taking your land and all of it’s resources.

Ain’t the devil happy?

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