Channel 4 sacks news presenter Samira Ahmed, for having “scruffy hair”

One of the longest serving Muslim’s in mainstream media, Samira Ahmed was fired by her Channel 4 bosses for refusing to do something about her apparently “scruffy hair”.

Is this racism, sexism, a case of Islamophobia, or a war against someone who refused to kowtow for a sleek & polished corporate image like most of the fembot’s that front news programmes.

The Akh can recall, ITV’s Romilly Weeks being embedded with the baby killers in Iraq a few years ago, and she was criticised for taking hair straighteners with her into a war zone. Certainly not any more scruffy than full time scarecrow and BBC presenter Kate Humble.

Sadly we live in a pathetically superficial culture, and your appearance dictates everything.

Your appearance comes far down the ranks of importance when it comes to presenting the news, The Akh is of the opinion that it’s the content and the balanced reporting that matters, not what the person is wearing or what their hair style is like.

Now if only she had worn a Hijab.


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One response to “Channel 4 sacks news presenter Samira Ahmed, for having “scruffy hair”

  1. ash

    seriously! every other article I found on this she QUIT and was not sacked as stated on your article, I appreciate that both a person who gets sacked and one who quits are similar in terms of parting company, but what your implying here is much worse!

    maybe you post a correction!

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