If the Ulema & Muslim Scholars do not defend peopleʼs rights, who is going to do so?

For my Jumma khutbah (Friday reminder) I had to go back to Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi’s last Friday sermon he delivered before being arrested by the Syrian authorities. I covered this a few weeks back but now the full khutbah is available with English subtitles, so please do view it.

The entire English transcript is also available to download as a PDF below:

shaykh muhammad al yaqoubi the problem the solution english transcript of friday sermon damascus syria may 6 2011 courtesy of the team over at sacred knowledge

Unfortunately our scholars in the west spout the saudi doctrine at every turn, to never question your leaders.

If we are silent then the news speaks; if all people are excused for their silence, the ulema, imams and public speakers are not excused.

For sure, in silence there is safety, but it is incumbent upon us to speak the truth.

If the ulema and Friday speakers do not defend peopleʼs rights, who is going to do so? They are indeed the tongue of the people. Allah Az’Wajjal says:

“And remember when Allah took a covenant from the people who were given the Book to make it clear to people and not hide it.”

[Qurʼan 3:187]

And the Prophet SAW said:

“If one is asked and does not answer while he has knowledge, Allah will put in his mouth a rein of fire.”

We have reached to this state because of the silence of the ulema and public speakers, and there is a reason for that silence; anyone who says a single word against the government will be called for interrogation. A few weeks ago, I had to sign a pledge for the political branch of the secret service not to tackle any political subject during Friday sermons; I say, this is part of our religious duty and is not politics.

It won’t be until the boot is placed firmly on the necks of western scholars, will they then begin to speak out, sadly in the process of that happening, how many Muslims will have to die for their malfeasance?



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2 responses to “If the Ulema & Muslim Scholars do not defend peopleʼs rights, who is going to do so?

  1. javed

    everyday i look forward to checking my e-mail looking for the latest blogs from you, so accurate and truthful what you share, the imams and the scholars are letting us down badly at this time when we need guidance and leadership.

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