Stop Islamophobia Week – Are you doing your part?

The Akh is supporting the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPACUK) in their current campaign “Stop Islamophobia Week”. I’d urge you all to take a minute and sign the petition MPACUK have created and to spread this message far and wide.

The Akh has written extensively on Islamophobia and how sections of the zionist owned right wing media promote an anti Islam/Muslim agenda, one which is picked up the politicians who are in the pay of the Israeli lobby and use their powers to legislate against you. With Rupert Murdoch’s control of the media and the political system now being made apparent to everyone, you can see how media and politics go hand in hand to work against you.

Understand that what happened to the Jewish people leading up to the second world war didn’t happen overnight. It was a slow drip poisoning of people’s minds to turn against them over a decade.

Today is the 16th anniversary of the slaughter of tens of thousands of Muslims in Srebrenica, Bosnia.

Act now, before this happens to Muslims again.

The moral imperative rests firmly on your shoulders.

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