Sean Hoare NOTW Whistle Blower – Murdered because he knew too much?

Sean Hoare, The News of the World journalist who blew the whistle on the corruption in Murdoch’s media and the political class, has been found dead.

Was he murdered because he knew too much?

Let’s examine the facts.

Ever since Rupert Murdoch hired PR giants Edelman last week, we’ve been seeing a onslaught of activity by News Corp to save it’s battered reputation.

We’ve seen Murdoch’s key Colonel’s Rebekah Brooks and Les Hinton leave their positions with the NOTW and WSJ, but rather tellingly, they are still employed by News Corp.

We saw Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal Alsaud (The largest shareholder in Murdoch’s media empire, after Murdoch himself) wheeled into carrying out presser duties where he declared his undying love for Murdoch, and blamed the whole situation on a few bad apples within the company.

We saw Britain’s most powerful policeman, Met Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson, quit his post after he was given a free reported £15,000 holiday at a resort where Neil Wallis, former deputy editor of NOTW, was senior management.

Let’s just work out the formula thus far:

Phone hacking + Big media + Police + Politicians X Corruption =

The coverage on Sean Hoare death has been contemptuous to say the least.

Last night’s BBC Newsnight dedicated all of two minutes on “discussing” his death.

You would have thought that a media that has been salivating over every nuance and angle connected to this ever widening story would be going into the stratosphere with the news that the man who kick started the whole affair, the man who crucially had not signed any confidentiality agreement with Murdoch’s media and thus was free to speak his mind, winds up dead.

The police of course have already been quick to state that “The death is currently being treated as unexplained, but not thought to be suspicious”.

What is clear to me is that Sean Hoare knew too much and he couldn’t be paid off.

There will now be a smear campaign against him in the media.

Already I’ve noticed a disturbing pattern with a build up of accusations about his character to undermine his credibility as a reliable source of information – alcoholic, fantasist, paranoid, conspiracy theorist, couldn’t be sure what to believe of what he said, scared of people coming to get him etc etc.

It will be interesting to see if there is a proper coronial inquiry into this death.

As Steve Richards commented in The Independent recently, “Here was a company that evidently thought it was powerful enough to get away with it, able to block police enquiries and to pay off victims of crime.”

Phone hacking + Big media + Police + Politicians X Corruption = Whistle blower Sean Hoare murdered.

Do the math, no conspiracy theory needed.

What happened to the last whistle blower to break ranks?

Dr. David Kelly was “suicided”.

His formula was very similar.

Iraq + Big media + WMD’s + Politicians X Oil = Whistle blower Dr. David Kelly murdered.

Do the maths, no conspiracy theory needed.



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6 responses to “Sean Hoare NOTW Whistle Blower – Murdered because he knew too much?

  1. We’d be interested to hear your thoughts in an interview please contact me if you might be able to spare time today for an interview.


  2. Lorenzo Ervin

    This appears to be a political assassination to silence a critic dangerous to Murdock and news Corp. Murdoch forces clearly were involved with his demise, and Hoare’s death is being covered up by dirty cops on the payroll. Today’s Parliamentary hearings were an embarrassment, with the amount of fear and deerence to R. Murdoch and his son James. This is high level crime, and they are keen to cover it all up.

  3. So this man takes a chunk out of the police, Murdock, the goverment and says he has a fear for his life and then goes and drop dead.

    The media are doing all they can to discredit this man using un-named sources but it does look and smells like another Dr David Kelly

  4. tony roma

    come on guys murdoch naaaa.
    now mi5 clean up for the government that is different.
    Loose lips sink ships.
    funny how while the body was still warm nick mi5 davies the greatest journalist in the country was writing an article about how ill sean was.
    why would an award winning guardian hack state that it was natural causes before a blood test had even been done.
    why even mention sean”s drug taking alcohol binges and yellow skin.
    so much for an investigation.

  5. It is disturbing to be aware the police state is able to murder innocent civilians such as Sean because of truth, it is not to Murdoch’s integrity that as a result of his lust for power and greed that he at last had gone to far is his dynasty of corruption, it now remains to be seen that now blood on his hands as to the shock of being culpable may paralyze him and terminate his life on this Planet, it is unfortunate that he being in a position to help the Planet had such a downfall and towards the end of his life is witness to his own grubby existence.

  6. Big Ben

    These are the questions that need to be asked. The British News/Spin/Propoganda machine may be the greatest the world has ever seen (not to discredit the Us’s, especially when a neo-con (or puppet of one) is in power). It is utterly amazing and haunting that the news media hasnt even tried to investigate the story of his death: THERE STILL IS NO OFFICIAL RESPONSE TO CAUSE OF DEATH INQUIRIES! There should be at least a feeble attempt to leave it open to investigation rather than discredit the man and close the book. Notice how it’s never assumed that there’s no reason for suspicion until the cause of death has been reached in any situation I can think of (there may be some, please post it). Its also interesting that a news reporter in pakistan (Syed Saleem Shahzad) can be lauded as a hero who was killed by the ISI Intelligence agency by the news media of the west, but it is unthinkable that a man like Rupert Murdoch or people involved in the government/police that may lose face and money, would want to shut up THE MAN WHO STARTED UNRAVELLING THIS WHOLE THING. Remarkable and unacceptable for people to jump the gun and label this a conspiracy.

    It may be natural death, but the normal order of operations seems awfully fishy in this situation.

    -Let Freedom Ring

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