5 responses to “Somalia send sheep & camels to feed starving Saudi’s

  1. The remnants of Colonization, once the British have reaped the harvest and given back nothing as locusts what do you expect other than what you see, the amazing thing about the British they can go to the Golden Square Mile London, with bowler hats on and have no idea how absurd they look, one must have empathy with these people as to there grand delusion, if one were a Christian one may pray for these people, noting it is not so long ago the British burnt witches at the stake circa 1725, and not that long before it was thought that the Sun went around the Earth, it is to me surprising so many are able to commit moral and spiritual crimes and it would appear as if one is able to get away with it. To my mind it is still uncertain the corrupt are without retribution that may not be as the Christian idea is but far worst.

  2. Sessie

    This is so unfair! I guess it’s a government issue! I makes me sad to see that starving boy!!

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  4. Raniah

    wow, you got it all wrong my friend, most of the sheep bought from Somalia are part Eid Haj when Muslims are asked to make a sacrifice and in that case it is a sheep that is distributed to the poor ones, I’m one of those who prefer to buy the sheep from Somalia though they are available here so support that country financially. Usually Charity institutions are the one that arrange for getting the sheep from poor Muslim countries to support them. If you are going to talk about the rich segment in Saudi Arabia they would definitely won’t consume such countries meat because it is perceived to be cheap and of low class… as for the pics you have posted …it is in Bahrain and not Saudi Arabia.
    I think you would need to look into that subject and try to have a better understanding of the issue context rather than build a story using few images.
    By the way I’m not a Saudi and not a big fan of the country as well but I live there and I know what I’m talking about.

  5. OK my friend in here you need to detach your anti Saudi feelings or ( jealousy) from the facts , the 240 millions US dollars earned from the sale of African livestock to the Saudis are in fact the undisputed sole lifeline/main source of revenue for over 60% of horn/eastern Africa region pastoral communities which make up approx 70% of the entire national populations combined (Somalia Ethiopia Kenya Sudan Eritrea Djibouti )and trust me its a booming trade which those herdsmen heavily rely on @ US$ 90/sheep its being rejoiced . After haj ritual millions of needy locally and internationally get to share this god given blessing , as to your pictures those Saudi cops may god bless them , and as to the starving Somali kid he is a victim of the continentwide poor management and wars but not a victim of those Arab brothers whom are peacefully enjoying together the blessing Allah had given them but for the rest of us Muslims we need to appreciated what allah had given us instead of being jealous.
    do not forget thousands of Somali migrant send money from the KSA to needy somalis and other global migrant as well .
    god bless all of us

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