One response to “Burn Baby Burn

  1. When one refers to a class as idiots I am troubled by this further more as an analogy of idiots or in this case idiot, Captain Cook at the time culminating to his death, had no idea of the culture the South Sea Islanders with regard to theft, the tribe had stolen one of his boats, his attempt to repossess his boat led to the warriors spearing him and the result being his death, the tribe had no concept of theft everything belonged communally, so the cultural gap of Cooks brain unable to understand the way the other saw the situation, my point is, was he an idiot? in not getting the idea of tribal law.
    With regard to why not riot in Kensington, Chelsea, and Westminster is that these targets are difficult to attack owing to concentrated police in those areas, as police are there to protect the wealth and the wealthy. To align a rebel force for these areas are more difficult in transportation as we see in Libya, having looked at property on the internet of where the attacks have taken place I see no bargains in fire sales of property, what will happen to the properties that are destroyed is money will be made on these properties by developers, the calamities that exist in Britain such as mentioned will only be absorbed by the establishment of commerce and become highly profitable.
    Rather than see this in a negative light the riots are good timing for police powers to increase for say the Games, also the properties destroyed will be profitable rebuilding stock also for the Games.
    The destruction is most likely to have occurred as a result of increase living costs for the disenfranchised, and planned by Central Banking and such organizations that profit from all calamities, the riots divert attention from financial institutes and Government, and the guilt, wrath of the culture directs responsibility to the blacks and those that are of lower socioeconomic status, thus affording a certain self righteousness to those that bath in a self satisfied notion of contentment within, the important service the riff-raf perform for the more well off is that the animosity within has excise to direct ones vindictive nature on to a group that as yet I am awaiting to hear there story rather than there story being told to me by the other.

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