5 responses to “Police riot vans & helicopter greets Muslims after Taraweh

  1. Valeroso

    How about you stop criticising the police and be grateful. For all they know it could have been a group come to destroy your building. It’s because of attitudes like yours that the police were made to stand back while people burned and looted in London.

  2. HTPC is right to point the behaviour and actions of the police and this is nothing new for both Pakistani & African Caribbean youth who are over policed as criminals and under policed as victims in the town. There is a history of engagement with the police and areas such as Castlefield and Green St which needs to be understood. This has been brutal – a Mirpuri lad that I have supported ( I was a senior youth work manager serving the area for a decade) witnessed his own mother being attacked by police last year and just down the road Habib ‘Paps’ Ullah died during an arrest for a routine drugs search in 2008. The policing of Muslim communities has been particularly concerning for me and the chamchay on police IAGS and the new Muslim leadership who want to accommodate rather than challenge have stood aside and given massive permission and legitimacy for the police to operate in the way they do.

  3. Akh The Angry Academic Activist


    I suggest you read my earlier post:
    That will tidy up any misconceptions you have about my position over the recent riots.

    Brother Saqib,

    Again a very welcome contribution and analysis from someone who understands the situation at a grass roots level.

  4. With reference to the Guardian 10th September, report of cuts of forty thousand police jobs being axed, it is of small wonder that a backlash of riots being instigated by MI5 occurred, these provocateurs being part of police training techniques used in demonstrations designed for public support and politicians also a win win situation, gain kudos for the desired outcome, this being a time for our political leaders to seize the opportunity to embark upon there oratory and college debating skills of speech making, most likely police shot and killed a the Tottenham victim for the purpose of inciting rioting, the second murder is the slaying of the Birmingham victim, to divide and rule instigating a racist incident.
    As Mr Nick Herbert the Policing Minister’s commitment is to protect police jobs and police unions are not the best way to organize a successful outcome for those that have an investment in keeping there jobs, as Nick said he intends not to frighten the Public, sometimes the only way to get to your goal is to frighten the Public and this riot has achieved this outcome.

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