One response to “British police value dogs more than humans & U.S. army love a donkey over Iraqi lives

  1. The British Police are a uniformed group of thugs, they are the debris and the left overs from footy hooligans and ex-killers from Military whom are use is in killing and maiming civilians as deemed the enemy, like the dogs trained for violence they have a binary switching mechanism in the brain that you are pro or against there is no other possibility, you have to remember these people are from the genetic pool of centuries of warfare, the mind set is of the same as Nazi Germany, as you may realize if born in Germany they would be called Gestapo, the British Parliament is pretty much the same only they do the bureaucracy for police powers, to rationalize violence, working out how Bullies are to control the population in particular lower class citizens and use of military power to kill people, deciding to shoot with bullets or rubber bullets, the elite is the brain albeit a poor use of the brain, and Police are to ensure that the part of society is to be crushed in terms of there sense of self as in self dignity, British Culture thrives on the false front of the honorable and just dispension of justice, that is for the Elite are afforded the luxury to hide behind the smokescreen of the educated voice and the civil politeness of being overtly correct, myself having been persecuted by the British Police decided to get out of Britain as one could see the vindictive nature mind set of their types, this being back in the 1960s, it is the Hell these people are making, they are some of the main contributors to Hell on Earth today.

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