Do you remember 27 Ramadan 2004? Do you remember what they did in Fallujah?

No of course you don’t.

But I do.

I’ll never forgive & I’ll never forget.

It was the night of Al Qadr and the Masajid at Regents Park was heaving with Muslims, seeking the night of power, Muslims were seeking Allah.

The Akh was seeking answers.

The terrorists masquerading as the US Army had just launched the disparagingly termed “Operation Fajr”

They declared the city of Fallujah to be a free fire zone, meaning to them there were no civilians in a city with a population of 350,000 each and every single man, women and child was considered fair game.

Fallujah, or “the city of Mosques” as it’s known in Iraq, was being butchered.

Civilians who sought shelter in one of the two hundred plus masajids across Fallujah were hunted down and killed inside places of worship.

The BBC like many of the free British media, on the direct orders of both Blair’s Government and it’s US army commanders, blatantly failed to provide any sort of balanced reporting on the atrocities being committed in Fallujah. The BBC claimed that it saw no evidence of illegal chemical weapons being used by the Americans.

But we knew differently.

We knew this was the first time in modern warfare that White Phosphorus had been used as a thermobaric weapon on a civilian population.

We knew what the long term effects would be.

So when myself and a group of brothers demonstrated in the court yard of Regents Street Masajid, we were painted as the extremists.

The very same BBC who failed to report on Fallujah, were there on hand to brilliantly capture some footage for their own propaganda purposes. (first 40 seconds of above video).

Pathetically, that documentary talks about the usual fantasy’s about extremist Muslims.


Because we know your agenda of demonstration elections, of bringing “Freedom & Democracy” to our lands.

We have the same access to your academics who plan your foreign policy strategy;

“demonstration elections” are “organised and staged by a foreign power primarily to pacify a restive home population, reassuring it that ongoing interventionary processes are legitimate and appreciated by their foreign objects.”

(Herman and Brodhead Demonstration Elections, South End Press, 1984, p.5)

In the case of Fallujah, it is of course vital that domestic audiences in the US and UK be persuaded that their governments are killing Iraqis with the support of, even on behalf of, Iraqis themselves. The possibility that Iraqis might be dying in their tens of thousands for Western power and profit must, of course, be kept so far out of sight that it is barely even thinkable.

Years later, the truth began to emerge about the full scale of the horrors bought down on the people of Fallujah. I watched the BBC’s “Secret Iraq” documentary with tears rolling down my face.

US General Jack Keane, the chief of the US army admitting what they did was;

“Horrible….to the people of Fallujah….we did so much damage there”

We were out there, because we were fed up.

Our Muslims leaders did nothing.

The Government refused to listen.

We had no other weapon than our tongues to fight against the massacre of Fallujah by British and American forces.

Many Muslims debated over what they saw that night – many Muslims were content in perfecting themselves and doing nothing.

The Government always wants to know what makes Muslims like me agitated, what gets us all riled up?

All it takes is for me to switch on the news, Al Jazeera, Press TV and to a much lesser sense the Government propaganda channels of BBC, SKY & CNN to turn me into an extremist.

I will never forget what you did in Fallujah.

I will never forgive you for what you did in Bosnia & Chechnya.

I will never forgive you for what you continue to do in Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan & Kashmir.


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4 responses to “Do you remember 27 Ramadan 2004? Do you remember what they did in Fallujah?

  1. tSamenleving

    “I will never forget what you did in Fallujah.

    I will never forgive you for what you did in Bosnia & Chechnya.

    I will never forgive you for what you continue to do in Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan & Kashmir.”

    Libya????????? What about Libya?

  2. Being born and bred in London and being there throughout the bombing of London in the 2nd WW, and do you remember the British bombing of Dresden and the carpet bombing of German Cities? the mind set of the British Elite a result of superiority as to mind/brain indoctrination of same this creating the illusion that this being so, the outcome of this apparent misnomer is unprecedented Evil, as such the slaughter of the innocent at Fallujah an else where is unforgivable, the problem with Christs for me is the teaching is ‘to turn the other cheek’, this proposition endorses and excuses criminal behavior and moral corruption, as we see in the British and American Governments, these two debauched Countries are similar in spirit and should be called Amabri, the history of inherited British criminal behavior has not only been macabre, sadistic and vindictive is so entrenched and appears as if the future will is to pursue its course in tyranny and impose its violence on other cultures for the foreseeable future for some time.
    We see the First World apparently terrified of terrorism, the fact the Colonialists have forgotten is they have a history of terrorism.
    The inherited guilt of this Elite is they are incapable to get there head around their past, this tragedy is softened by comfort as compensation of the comforts required, as they they externalize their hatred of themselves with the result of misplaced violence as in places as Fallujah, Vietnam, the millions that suffer death are a result of this Elite whom are without self realization are the criminals that hide behind Institutions such as the Houses of Parliament.
    Needless to say if a World Power existed greater than Amabri, the present leaders would be hung for there crimes, such as Blair, Cameron, Bush, and so on.
    The British and Americans are intent on destabilizing the World by supplying arms to despot factions as in Africa, and endorse criminals such as Pol-Pot, as in the deceit as Foreign aid.
    Although we are given our daily bread media propaganda of the illusion we are supposed to be culturally identifying with, as compensation given toys, and bathe in the glory of satisfaction as possessing BMWs and mod cons as skate boards, and the thrill of seeing the golf ball on its journey arriving as a hole in one, the surprise for me is that blood is not ozzing from the golf hole, and having contentment of 10 thousand atomic bombs in the arsenal.
    In this town I reside in where doctors provide scripts for enormous amounts of anti depressants are the order of the day, and alcohol consumed you would not believe,.why? is Fallujah knocking at the door?
    One must finally ask the question? whom is running this show? I am reluctant to say our leaders are delusional and are intoxicated with power, it is of great misfortune that so many will die for the few that are insane.

  3. Michael Poerio

    Ron Paul WILL get elected. This will all come to an end. Peace!

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