September 11, Bombs on the George Washington bridge & the Israeli’s that were caught with bombs & Arab disguises

On September 11, a truck packed with explosives was found on the George Washington bridge & inside it were two Israeli’s that were caught wearing Arab disguises.

Do you remember any of this?

Do you know that Israel had prior knowledge of the 9/11 attacks and has been spying on Britain & America for decades?

Do you remember the five Israeli’s who filmed the 9/11 attacks & were caught celebrating?

No, because the Moozlims did it.


Because the hijackers passports were found at the scene, they must have been made from kryptonite seeing the planes were able to bring down the towers, incinerate everyone who was aboard, but the passport survives intact?

And then with comical timing you have one of the named dead hijackers turning up alive and well, and he wasn’t the only Al-CIAda hijacker who miraculously came back from the dead.

Don’t expect the mainstream media to be discussing any of these events this week as the 9/11 industry goes into overdrive to drive home & legitimise every single thing they’ve done since 9/11.



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2 responses to “September 11, Bombs on the George Washington bridge & the Israeli’s that were caught with bombs & Arab disguises

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  2. Americans will never get control of the country back from the criminals that now and have for the longest time hold the power behind the thrown . To much to expect from a nation who have been total brainwashed and even 10 years after the fact are still suffering. A lie told often becomes the truth. An example is the USS Liberty. This was only friendly fire. The agents in the trucks packed with tons explosives dressed as Arabs on 9-11 were going to throw their bombs at the incoming planes to knock them out of the sky. They could just as soon be made heros and have a ticker tape parade and statues in their honor in NYC. How ever crass and stupid that statement is, many American are just gullible enough to believe it. There is little hope of change. The fix is in and just getting more established, growing stronger every day. There is a price for loosing control of your Government to people who hate freedom and democracy. In America 9-11 was only a partial payment.

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