3 responses to “ITV Documentary Exposure: ‘Libya, Gaddafi & the IRA’ used footage from videogames to bolster war propaganda

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  3. There are three types of being on the Earth at present One/ are the slaves that think they know and do not, and similarly are those who do not want to know, as like the former, Two/ the Elite that are 1% or less, like the controllers of who you think you are? and Three/ those who are fighting the Elite and attempting to be free in a World of propaganda, violence, corruption and the general bundle that is of that nature, for the reader to gain a better insight on what I mean some of John Pilgers work is useful also Julian Assange, the book by John Coleman, on Tavistock, is of particular note, forget R.d.Laing although associated with Tavistock, I am unable to ascertain whether he was a tool or subversive or both, one thing for certain worth noting in the 6os the Hippy Movement, being destroyed by the Tavistock Institute, Finchley, and Laing and the rest of his club including right hand man John Heaton were all part of this destruction and Ram-das or alias Richard Albert, Timothy Leary, David Cooper, Rothschilds, and his associates, all part of the depraved and corrupt and to numerous to elaborate on this excursion.

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