Cowardly Islamic Scholars take note…….This is the issue to address during Jumma Khutba

Take 3 minutes, listen & pay heed.

YOU are responsible towards the welfare of every member of this Ummah and if there’s something you can do to lift the shackles of oppression for your brothers and sisters in need and you do nothing, then be assured that Allah Az’Wajjal will hold you accountable for your inaction.

I don’t expect the cowards that front as leaders who will address you during the jummah khutba today or the taxi mafia’s that will make the announcements, to utter a single word telling you the words that the Shaykh above did.

He talked the talk and walked the walk, and paid the ultimate price for it.

Sadly our own village idiot leaders are more interested in having a 3 bed semi and a toyota in the driveway than reminding Muslims of their obligations to lift the ever worsening conditions that afflict this Ummah.

Shame on you.

The Akh is currently on a hiatus to parts unknown and returns in the new year.


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2 responses to “Cowardly Islamic Scholars take note…….This is the issue to address during Jumma Khutba

  1. Yushra

    Akh, where are you?

    missing your posts bro.

    Sadly more of our people have a greater affinity with a man who made shiny gadgets for them to worship & consume than a scholar who spoke the truth.

    May Allah grant him jannah & give these idiot muslims some tawfeeq.

    • soulsearching

      I fail to see how these lessons of “general” social responsibility become insidious when someone with a beard is preaching them. Islam is peace for all. The lessons are of humanity and how to bring order in society, “general” lessons of equal rights and justice.
      Unfortunately, no matter who says it, muslim or not, this is certainly the price they pay.
      As for the gadget inventor, I believe we should not compare. There are lessons to be learned everywhere and from everyone. The guy knew what he was made of and was committed to his belief within. A lesson muslims lack most nowadays. In order to fight todays war we need intellect, steadfastness and above all patience.

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