The Bullshit Iranian assassination plot against the Saudi ambassador

The bullshit Iranian assassination plot against the Saudi ambassador, a plot created by the Israeli’s to be executed by (US created) narco traffickers in Washington, with hundreds of dead freedom loving american patriots as collateral damage.

Can you smell the manure?

Being the sucker for punishment that I am, I’ve just finished watching newsnight where the BBC propaganda team allowed some pretty ludicrous claims by James Rubin (zionist) & an American stooge Iranian dissident to lay the groundwork as to why America and every single country in the world should go and bomb the shit out of Iran.

Lets be real the zionists are masters at getting goy to kill goy – so lets get the Americans who are butt buddies with the Saudi’s & every single other repressive, totalitarian regime in the Middle East to go kill the evil Iranians.

Hell, the Sunni ruled Arab Middle East wouldn’t have a problem with killing a million Muslim Shia, the rulers, not the people of course.

You can imagine the Saud king’s media right now looping the cleverly crafted speeches & evidence from the americans to kill Adel al-Jubeir, the saudi ambassador.

Right now I can’t believe that there’s no scepticism being expressed in the media. All the sheep are dancing to the same marching drum.

Remember the smoking guns that acted as triggers before for illegal invasions?

Yellow cake, aluminium tubes, 45 minutes…..WMD’s

So let’s just get this clear, of all the places in the world where Iran could kill a Saudi diplomat, it would choose Washington, DC, obviously. A place which is a nice cushy target, where there’s no security and one can just fly in and do a nice clean wet job.

Instead the fiendishly clever Iranian revolutionary guards (a bit like the oh so feared & nightmare inducing revolutionary guards of Saddam Hussein…that didn’t exist) they took a leaf out of the yankee handbook and outsourced it to a couple of local Iranian-Americans Manssor Arbabsiar and Gholam Shakuri and told them to get on with it.

Because when you need such a job done, that’s what you do, lurk around telephone booths calling the cards that have been left in there, hoping you might just get the bloody A Team to do the job for you.

So this gun for hire goes to Mexico and links up with a Mexican narco trafficker and asks him for an assassin, because they’ve got plenty of them lying around, who can sneak across the border and do the hit.

Then again, if I wanted Adel al-Jubeir, the Saudi ambassador dead, I would have poisoned the ferrero rocher at his reception, no, stop, ambassador you’re really spoiling us…. or failing that, knowing how the Saud’s love themselves some young filipino & bangladeshi boys I’m sure a “sex game gone wrong” type of set up could have been put in motion.

If your intelligence has not been insulted, then you really are a dumb piece of shit.

Leave your contact details below as I have some magic beans that I want to sell you.

It’s ridiculous and this entire absurd scenario has to be dismissed for the lunacy that it is.

Are they really assuming that the public and the world is that dumb?

The bigger the lie, the more they believe.

Go read my lengthy posts on “creating the terror threat” to help you understand how the entire game is played.

This scheme is no more crazier than the ones dreamt up by the FBI.

A typical infiltration scheme works like this.

They will plant someone in a mosque and that individual will find and groom the most dissatisfied & crazy attendee of the masajid (not hard to do, I’m perfectly qualified for this role, get in touch shit heads, seriously, what you are waiting for?) and then offer him a terrorist scheme to kill the kuffar and get into heaven quick. Which is why the FBI have been found to organize almost all the known terror plots in the US.

When the patsy agrees to do it – The Portland Christmas Tree Bomber – How The FBI Created, Trained & Supplied “An Islamic Terrorist” – you’ll get a press conference with all the bells and whistles, announcing to the world how america’s finest have just averted the worlds biggest terrorist plot.

If you can’t smell a big, fat, lying dirty zionist rat behind this scheme to force the saudi’s or america to fight a war on it’s behalf, then there is no hope for you. Go stick your head in the oven now.

Oh and it’s coming up to re-election time for Obama, America loves a war president, and the rapist, murderer in charge of shit is desperate to be re-elected.

Get it yet?


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13 responses to “The Bullshit Iranian assassination plot against the Saudi ambassador

  1. For some time the police and military are behind the terrorist and many riots, their job is to maintain their job and income, the taxpayer pays throughout the first World and most of the third, set up by the Allies of the West is to create a World of terror, as the money is instrumental to making more money from terror, this is the biggest industry in the World today, all politicians are in collusion with this format, there job also is to display the shopfront as if working for the people of that society as for good of same, by the time people wake up to the fact that they have got duped by the Party in power they vote for the next group to make things better and its all the same, all parties are for there own individual wealth in the guise of altruism, Conservatives, Labor, Democrats, Republicans, the underlying energy of all this fraternity is the same, the police loves, are the criminals, this is why Mr Average is always the suspect and Mr Average no longer has or gos to the police for justice as they will become the suspect, or ignored, recently in Australia an Asian who runs a brothel no doubt Triad, killed a man who tried protecting a prostitute from Korea, brought here on a scam, he was brutally murdered in public with a car wrench, the Asian got off the wrap free, why ? this is an example of the police love the real criminals as this keeps them in business, no doubt police receiving dosh on the side that makes money as opposed to someone inside who is making nothing for the same, I apologise to those who are unable to afford the time to read this, as Christ said “that what I say is not for all I speak in parables to those that understand”, furthermore the writer denies any affiliation to Christ or other affiliations is purely coincidental.

  2. D

    This is a classic false flag operation. I note that many news, stories on UK web sites at least, are not allowing comments. No surprise there.

    There are a growing number of people who are wise to our criminal and lying politicians and media. They, the-powers-that-be, will deal with this somehow. Perhaps plunging the western world into poverty, coupled with education in western countries which is little more than propaganda will remove the threat that the middle class pose to the elite.

  3. Operation Curveball all over again. Were the cartel members dealing yellowcake by any chance?

  4. anon

    People love a good conspiracy theory..

  5. I loved this piece. I was thinking it was bullshit as well. Just a distraction. I truly cannot trust this government. What a fucking den of liars and thieves. I linked ya at the site…thanks.

  6. One old pal’s assessment: ‘This guy is not a mastermind.’

    This is what a long-time associate and former business partner of Manssor Arbabsiar said about him:

    “He was pretty disorganized, always losing things like keys, titles, probably a thousand cellphones, He wasn’t meticulous with taking care of things.”

    “He never spoke ill of the United States, I always thought he liked it here, because he could make money. He loved to make money.”

    “He couldn’t even pray, doesn’t know how to fast. He used to drink, smoke pot, go with the prostitutes, His first wife left him because he would lose his keys every other day. … This guy is not a mastermind.”

    “We called him Jack, for the quantities of Jack Daniel’s whiskey Arbabsiar would drink, he’s a joke”

    Read more:

  7. J Rouch

    When asked for proof of this “terrorist plot” the government responded, “We had the proof but threw it in the ocean to prevent the terrorists from winning.”

  8. Big M

    Why, this author’s opinion is nothing but a “conspiracy theory!” You know, like the “official” fairy tale of 9/11 . . . er, I mean . . . like this FBI story about the Saudi ambassador . . . um . . . well, you know what I mean . . . “conspiracy theory!”

    Rinse, repeat and bomb.

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  12. When this news was reported I just laughed. By laughing I mean a belly laugh, and it felt good. I mean, who in their right mind would actually believe such a thing? A surprising number of morons, it seems. You know, the sort of people that make you lose your I.Q. points just by having a conversation with them. The fact that so many US news agencies fell over themselves to report such a cock-and-bull story shows how far the standards of journalism has dropped over the past 10 years. Publish something like this in the 70s and you would be the scapegoat of your community. Today, mainstream news agencies, so engrossed with obtaining good ratings, have let down the public, the people they are supposed to serve. As a result, the people have been dragged down to being mindless dunderheads.

  13. This is bullshit. What has happened here is that the American Administration has created a false flag ~ the Iranian security services just are not this stupid. Get a guy with a criminal record to approach a Mexican cartel to hit a Saudi ambassador in Washington. As one federal official said it was like a Hollywood movie. No shit. What Washington wants to do is to have a pretext to bomb Iran. Nice.

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