Is child abuse in Muslim Madrassas rampant? The BBC think so

A scathing BBC report tonight will document over 400 cases of reported child abuse in Madrassas through the UK.

I’m not sure if any of these pop-up madrassas have any rules & guidelines to abide by, in terms of structural governance & best practice guidelines, not curriculum.

Do they even bother vetting staff with background CRB checks?

It’s not just the Nazi Pope & his minions who have a problem with paedophile child abuse.

Unless we want to see the name of Islam dragged through the mud – like that’ll ever happen – then parents, demand some good governance, being hit with a stick, or being forced into the “murga” (chicken) position has to be outlawed.

There’s plenty of time for Muslims to be forced into stress positions à la Guantanamo, so leave the kids alone.

I don’t think most kids have the mental capacity after being at school all day to do an extra two hours on their Islamic study/Quran. Then again I know of plenty of parents who view it as an extra drop off facility for their kids.

Personally, I tend not to believe the propaganda that comes out of the pro zionist beeb these days, I don’t know enough about the show’s presenter Fran Abrams to make a call, but when I’ve done a bit of digging in the past, I’ve found that BBC Panorama’s Jane Corbin’s husband tuned out to be John Cradock Maples, former MP & President of the Conservative Friends of Israel.

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