Why the Muslims will fail Babar Ahmad

Free Babar Ahmad!…but can Muslims be bothered?

The Israeli’s & “The West” as a whole have a policy of leaving no man behind enemy lines, it was proved with the recent Gilad Shalit case, but Muslims don’t really care about their political prisoners who are rotting in the belly of the beast and the Babar Ahmad case may just sadly prove it.

Just to remind you again, why your small contribution of a signature for the petition is so important. Babar Ahmad was arrested in 2003, without charge and was tortured during and since his arrest. All that is being asked for is a fair trial in the UK – a basic human right which has been denied for so many years.

The yankees have requested extradition for his apparent support of ‘terrorism’. If successful, his extradition would set a precedent, meaning the yanks can shout terrorism at anyone in the UK & our government would happily hand them over to be tried in a kangaroo court. This of course could happen to anyone, a blogger like me, or perhaps even you reading this at home.

It’s not a ‘Muslim Only’ issue, Gary McKinnon is up on extradition charges, wanted by the Yanks for apparently hacking their defence network. Most “Security” laws passed since 2001 have been done so because they go against the ‘Evil’ Muslims and are passed without much uproar from the general population.

That is until those very same laws passed against the pesky muslims are used against Dave & Gary, the good ol’ English boys.

Truth is, I know how difficult it is to get Muslims to sign a petition, believe me I’ve done it for years. Even when the government wanted to pass the 42 day internment detention for Muslims, you could get hardly any muslims to sign up to voice their opposition against it. Of course these are the same Muslims who would cry when their communities are targeted by Five-O.

3 Million Muslims in the UK

100,000 signatures needed

3.333% of Muslims needed to sign the petition

As of today 42,000 people have signed

Thats less than 1.5% of Muslims in the UK.

That is shameful.

The brother Shahid has put in effort to give you the Islamic justifications (like you needed it) as to why you should sign the petition.

Play your part in helping Babar Ahmad reach his first step towards justice – sign and share the petition.



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10 responses to “Why the Muslims will fail Babar Ahmad

  1. I have heard from Muslims who do NOT want to help and make excuses, hiding behind the need for khilafa first or hiding in the masjid. BROTHERS & SISTERS WAKE UP!!

    We need to the UK Ummah Massive off their behinds and signing the e-petition!


  2. sister

    assalam alaykum wr wb
    Agree with u brother but inshaa Allah instead of typing this blog getting helping!
    The Free Babar Ahmad Campaign requires your help to input thousands of signatures from hard copies of the petition onto the e-petitions website in the next 11 days. If you can assist with the data entry so that we can reach our target please email data@freebabarahmad.com

    • Akh The Angry Academic Activist

      Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,


      Shukran for taking the effort to leave your comment.

      Raising awareness and translating that into solid action is something I personally have been doing & as such my local masajid made an announcement highlighting Babar Ahmeds case and making sure people are signing the petition.

      In this day and age every single person in the UK has an email address, and I was taken aback that we have to resort to using hand written petitions and having people to manually type them in online.

      Muslims are so heartless that they can’t be bothered to carry out a e-petition online (yet can waste hours on facebook and surfing the net) I really wonder if they can be bothered to click on the confirmation they’ll get via email.

      It really is a sad indictment when Muslims in the UK will send one of their own to an american dungeon that is no worse than the concentration camps of guantanamo bay.


      May Allah grant us the strength to ensure that Babar Ahmed & countless others like him see justice.


  3. Faith

    Job done! We rose to the challenge…

  4. Ahmad

    You failed yourself because 100,000 people have already sighned in and there is still 7 days left

    • Akh The Angry Academic Activist

      Perhaps the intended message didn’t quite sink in?

      We may have passed the 100,000 mark with the Babar Ahmed petition, but there is still a lot more work to do-write to your local MP, create a discussion on your respective campuses and ensure that the parliamentary debate is framed in a manner that reflects a positive position towards Babar Ahmad and everyone held in british prisons as political prisoners on the behest of the american government on bogus extradition charges.

  5. Amna

    Well firstly, not many people even know who he is! Secondly, why is this about Islam, when there are so many people from other religons who have signed it? And lastly, as of 2/11/11 100,00 have signed the pettiton :).

  6. Dany g

    I was in prison with babar when he first went in to woodhill prison. i am not a muslim and i found him to be a genuine, knowledgeable and sound man. he was dreading extradition then in 03 and i cannot believe he is still incarcerated with no charge. there was an egyptian man there just before him called alwah i think,he was a devout muslim as shown by the prayer mark on his forehead from praying so hard and he was held with no charge also for years for similar charges. again he was a good guy but got released. just searched for babar to see what happened and i am shocked. a decent person held with no charge for 6 years definitely needs attention.

    • Akh The Angry Academic Activist

      Dany g,

      Many thanks for your comment.

      We have to realise that the extradition treaty with america needs to be challenged.

      It is unacceptable that anyone can be beaten up by a provenly racist TSG Territorial Support Group within the Met Police and then be locked up for 7 years and counting with no trial.

      There’s a word for that.


      South African apartheid era ‘justice’ in the UK today – all thanks to our governments special relationship with their american masters.

  7. M Noor

    Signing the petion is not enough. MPs should have been contacted. We had not much time to contact MPs. In one constituany over 1000 letters were sent . If he did not vote in favour; next time on any future issue, many more people will campaign and write to MPs.

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