Oh Muslims, Why are you content with humiliation & subjugation?

Listen carefully to the words of Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi, as you won’t be hearing these words at your local Masajid today.

Oh brothers, friends, strugglers & heroic brothers!

Where are dignity, honour, pride, defence, heroism & manhood?

We, the people of this religion, the people of honour, how could we be content with humiliation & subjugation?

How could there be such bloodshed & attacks against our women?

Yet we remain silent in our homes saying “I want to save myself, may Allah save my family & I do not care about the rest”

Listen to the words of Allah, in its guidance & warning.

“Oh you who believe! If anyone leaves his religion, Allah will bring better people whom he loves & they love him, people who are humble with the believers strong against the unbelievers, people who struggle in the way of Allah & they do not fear blame, that is the bounty of Allah of which he gives to whoever he wills”

Are you one of these people whom Allah loves and who love Allah?

Are you one of those who, for Allah, do not fear any blame?


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