8 responses to “Channel 4 Dispatches: Britain’s Pakistani Sex Gangs

  1. Samenleving

    No doubt what you say is valid. Perhaps you assume that your readership are of Pakistani background only?

    It is also clearly a racist stereotype. When I lived in Holland (hence the Expatica forum) the Dutch media was running an uncannily similar campaign against Moroccans. Indeed, when this campaign took off – during the last week of the Oldham by-election caused by Phil Woolas’ lies about Muslim extremists “out to get him” – the Times article that started the ball rolling mentioned the Dutch “Loverboys” (code used by the Dutch when talking English – when talking Dutch they use the phrase “Kut Marokkanen”, which means C**t Moroccans).

    Read the thread I started all the way through – http://community.expatica.com/forums/topic/854/quot-on-street-grooming-quot-birth-of-a-racist-stereotype

    It had to have been planned for Jack Straw’s “Easy Meat” comment on Newsnight to steal the BNP’s big issue and make it a Labour one. Ask yourself why Newsnight labelled him as “former Government Minister” rather than as a Labour politician?

    • Akh The Angry Academic Activist


      Thanks for your comment.

      The readership of this blog are comprised of all nationalities, the title of this particular blog piece was to do with a problem eminating from sections of the Pakistani community in the UK.

      You rightly make the connection by the racist right wing using this as a recruiting call to their ranks. Yes I did cover the Jack Straw comment:


      and I know all too well about Phil Woolas and his election campaign.

      The BNP and their likes will use this, as they know that the mainstream parties are afraid to tackle it, as they will be accused of racism for targeting a certain community.

      Yesterday Lord Carlile presented his reports and investigation into almost 40 years of systemic child abuse at a Catholic school in London.

      That doesn’t mean all catholics are to blame, nor does it mean that we turn a blind eye and deny there is a problem and allow it to fester for 40 years before deciding we should do something about it.

      • Samenleving

        You say “the title of this particular blog piece was to do with a problem emanating from sections of the Pakistani community in the UK”.

        What my Expatica thread contended – while documenting the emergence of this stereotype in real time – was that the content of this issue is irrelevant to its purpose as a racist political propaganda tool.

        The program’s content may have been about the grooming of underage girls, but its purpose was to reinforce the racist stereotype which only achieved real traction with Jack Straw’s “Easy Meat” soundbite on Newsnight during the Oldham by-election.

        Why play their game? Aren’t you looking for “relevance” by posting about a hot topic in the mainstream media agenda?

        Media and political attacks on Pakistan, and on supposed behaviours by those of Pakistani background in Britain, are not unconnected. They are designed to disorientate and provoke.

        So to focus on the “problem emanating from sections of the Pakistani community in the UK” is to follow the pointing finger of a well-planned media agenda.

      • Akh The Angry Academic Activist

        If the individuals that were tried in a court of law by a jury of their peers (this wasn’t a terrorism case, they all got fair trials) felt they didn’t receive an equal hearing, they are free to take it to the court of appeal.

        I have not read the link you included and thus cannot draw any conclusions to what I have written and what you’ve documented.

        There’s no big conspiracy theory at work here….every person must face the consequences for their actions, these individuals are not above the law, by making excuses on their behalf by playing the race card reflects poorly on you.

        I’m going to have to draw a line on matters and won’t be commenting any further.


        The Akh

  2. Mr Ali

    What sickens me is the fact that only Pakistanins are being shown here. The guys involved in these acts are some kind of pimps and perform sex crimes against girls. But what about all the white sex crimes against girls? black sex crimes against girls? indian, chinese, polish, sex crimes etc. Surely the largest number of sex crimes in the uk are done by whites. Around the same time as the 2 or 3 Pakistani men from Derby were on the news, there was another story about a paedophile sex gang based in Derby which was white older men preying on young girls and this sex gang was a much much larger one. Then there was a story in Cornwall about a sex gang who targeted todler children, there ain’t no Pakistanis in Cornwall, so the people involved were all white, as the News gave their names also, and this too was a much larger sex gang and their victims numbering thousands. So then why were just Pakistanis the focus of a whole program, is channel 4 and the editor, owner and everyone involved in such a racist bigoted documentary telling us something about their feelings towards Pakistanis?

    • Akh The Angry Academic Activist

      Mr Ali,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Yes there are many sex crimes committed by various other groups and they should all be rightly condemned for their heinous nature, regardless of the fact if it’s committed by a member of the catholic priesthood, a nursery worker or a bunch of pakistani’s in northern england.

      Perhaps by not mentioning this earlier is more of a shortcoming of mine, as I was in a similar mindset to you, that there’s a motive out to make pakistani’s (and by natural association Muslims) look even worse in the eyes of the general public. I monitor the outpourings of the Daily Mail on a regular basis, whilst agreeing it’s mostly propaganda driven tripe, they have covered all these stories on quite a detailed & alarmingly regular basis.

      There can be no defence for these actions, nor can there be a culture of denial, one which we all know exists all too well.

      Crimes of this nature fall into the bracket of even one being one too many.

  3. The historical dislocation of millions of people in the founding of the Pakistan State by invaders imposing borders that appear artificial to the native population that once inhabited this region, this alien foreign power aimed at dislocating and causing upheaval of conflicting cultures creating a ruptured psyche that may be a contributing factor to this moral conflict now in progress.
    The solution that this is all in the past and we all should therefore move on is sound enough advise to this challenge, this possibility and sign posting for the future resolve of this dilemma would be eased if it were not for so many historical examples that are held so dearly by the British, such as the British Monarchy that adheres to many rituals of the past and appears incapable in becoming a beacon of light to shine and dispel the shackles of a past shrouded in darkness.

  4. There are two angles to look at this. Firstly that this has to be seen as being tremendously racialised by press/media. People I know from the Racial Justice Network did some research/FOI request to West Yorkshire police recently and as there had been concerns raised about grooming in Bradford and other places and the reality is that out of the total of Sexual Offence Arrests in the last 3 years 888 arrests of Asian people had been made out 4713 in total and out of 53 people charged for grooming 5 were Asian. Lancashire and GMP were ranked 6/7th in the country for number of sexual offences which challenges the popular perception of these areas. From the figures majority of sexual offences take place in the South! Secondly as a youth worker with Pakistani communities for 2 decades I have worked looking at issues of grooming & sexual exploitation in our communities outside of these racialised narratives as I knew shit was happening. However we did it in the context that it was happening in all communities and in the context of the scandals with the Catholic church in N.Ireland and the care home abuses that have taken place in the 60s/70s/80’s – these aren’t the any way on the same scale. There are a few denials but no ever presents that facts that show that it’s actually a crime perpetuating predominately by white men within their own family structures. It’s just another convenient stick to bash the Pakistani/Muslim community with a few brown faces joining in with their own dunday

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