When will you get it? – The U.S. will NEVER leave Iraq

US leaves Iraq….yeah right. The second world war ended in 1945 & guess what, The US army is still in Japan & Germany….like cockroaches, they never leave.

I’m sure the networks back home have been repeating the great liars speech ad nauseam, and I’m pretty sure it’s gone down unchallenged, shame someone like John Pilger will never get any airtime.

The duplicity of the mass media has to be noted in the part it played in manufacturing consent for it’s illegal invasion of Iraq. It was the war you didn’t see, that we must resist the media’s lies & government’s propaganda.

We should never forget the corporate & mass media’s ongoing complicity in Iraqi war crimes.

And we’ll never forget the lies, The Curveball That Cost Over A Million Iraqi Lives.

I’m pretty sure the mass media is not reporting the following, that the US never leave a country they invade, they still have bases in Germany & Japan, you know the second world war ended in 1945 right?

At least some parts of the media have noted:

“the U.S. involvement there is anything but over”

Dr. David Halpin stated that the aim was of the “US, UK & Israeli governments to install a zionist identity” in the Middle East.

We’ll never forget what you did in Fallujah.

You don’t undertake a building project that’s larger than vatican city to leave it behind. The US embassy has everything Iraqi’s once had – clean running water, electricity, gas, security and hospitals – what they do not have, and will probably never have thanks to the invaders destruction of Iraqi infrastructure.

Whilst the US army flies off home, it’s to be replaced with another cowardly, thieving, murdering, paing and pillaging force of equal measure, the piece of shit mercenaries that were once Blackwater, then XE and now go by the name of ACADEMI.

ACADEMI/Blackwater latest rebranding comes as USTC Holdings, an investor consortium, needs a new name to get back into Iraq.

Of course Blackwater were banned from Iraq after butchering Iraqi civilians. That audition was good enough to get the gig to protect the scumbag gulf arab rulers

But what good is a law if you can’t re-write it?

War is big business.

Every bullet made, every missile fired, every gun lock and loaded is profit for the military industrial complex, it’s profit for the pro war lobbyists and the corporations.

And now the same war drums beat loudly for Israel again, this time Iran is fair game.

These lunatics really are going for another war – the dossiers, the presentations at the UN, the WMD’s, the palaces that were built on top of underground weapon facilities – the lies, the lies, the lies.

All bought to you courtesy of our lying government and pro israeli politicians.

The onus, once again lies on our shoulders, do we want to see a repeat of Iraq?

Millions of us took to the streets in the run up to the 2003 invasion and it got us nowhere.

Millions of us signed petitions, and it got us nowhere.

There are only two things that this system understands and that is money and blood.

The Akh is currently away, he has not been raped and is currently working on a plantation picking bananas & has run out of PG Tips tea and is having to drink coffee. He returns sometime in January 2012


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2 responses to “When will you get it? – The U.S. will NEVER leave Iraq

  1. I remember my Father informed me of American Military in WW2 Britain, washing army trucks down with petrol, naturally with rationing for the British virtually no petrol existed other than for essential services, the tap that flows with unending resources has a strange effect upon the mind, being a sort of cloud of almost omnipresence, as if God has bestowed a divine right to rule those mainly in the margins, that are all part of the debris and wasteland of Human Beings that have no right to exist, only this morning a political commentator mentioned the withdrawal and end of our Iraq Military presence of Allied troops, with this successful operation heralding in Democracy, furthermore the lesson on our future wars for Democracy is….? I am worried as I thought on “War and Democracy”, I heard between 100 thousand to one million Iraq’s died in this Military exercise? many Iraq’s expressed how much worst it is since American occupation as compared with Husseins administration. If by chance this Democracy is a puppet government of exterior forces, having to pay for the Military exercise of freedom bequeathed to them and allied expenses of Allies, such as reconstruction by American Companies such as ACADEMI, the change from the oil wells may soon evaporate, and this asset leaving debt, the Iraq’s no doubt grateful for the freedom they may have for having a voice to scream out in the desert that no one hears, we here in Australia are doing our bit, delivering crude iron to support the Military, empowering us to kill more people who do not understand our mindset, let alone having not heard of the Magna Carta, nevertheless our claim for redemption is John Pilger, whom is not allowed media cover in Australia other than entertainment, our prodigal son, a token of novelty.

    • Akh The Angry Academic Activist

      Peace Don,

      Firstly many thanks for being a regular contributor to my blog and my apologies for not responding to your comments sooner.

      It’s sickening how the PNAC (Project for the New American Century) is redrawing borders to suite it’s own evil agenda.

      Iraq pre illegal invasion had a (approx) population of 38 million.

      The John Hopkins University puts the death toll at between 1.5-1.8 million.

      6 million people fled the country – mainly the middle class who could afford to do so.

      7 million people are internally displaced refugees.

      No one wants to know the truth of the real damage done, the horrors of Fallujah are a microcosm of what they done to Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilisation.

      There will be no justice for those in Iraq, there will be no rebuilding.

      I’m sad to say that much of the arab spring is looking like regime change by other means, the americans, israeli’s, french and british no longer need boots on the ground, twitter and facebook is enough, let the muslims spill their blood on the streets, let them kill each other.

      I fear 2012 is going to be a lot worse.

      It won’t be until Iran and Saudi both fall will this great game of PNAC be complete.

      The Akh

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