Q: Why do politicised comedians get sacked from the BBC? A: For criticising foreign policy & Israel

I’ve been reading Frankie Boyle’s latest book “Work! Consume! Die!” & it’s opening chapter deals with Britains foreign policy in a manner in which no other current stand up comic will do.

After all it was Frankie Boyle’s political satire on Israel that got him sacked from the Beeb.

Frankie Boyle criticised the ‘cowardly’ BBC for its Israel joke apology, stating in a full written statement:

“I think the problem here is that the show’s producers will have thought that Israel, an aggressive, terrorist state with a nuclear arsenal was an appropriate target for satire. The Trust’s ruling is essentially a note from their line managers. It says that if you imagine that a state busily going about the destruction of an entire people is fair game, you are mistaken. Israel is out of bounds.

The BBC refused to broadcast a humanitarian appeal in 2009 to help residents of Gaza rebuild their homes. It’s tragic for such a great institution but it is now cravenly afraid of giving offence and vulnerable to any kind of well drilled lobbying.”

The man himself said in a recent interview that: “safe middle-class comedy such as Have I Got News For You, is everything that’s wrong” at the BBC.

I tend to agree with him.

Have a read of what he has to say in the following excerpts from his book, and ask yourself if any of these would ever make it into any of the shows that pass themselves of as political satire comedy programmes.

The content of popular culture today in the mainstream is designed to be unchallenging, corny and weak, so the masses can take their hit without having to think and just like crack, it has an immediate high and leaves you coming back for more.

It is precisely why you get crap like Michael McIntyre and John Bishop being promoted to prime time, as they offer poor observational witterings on banal subjects like the school run. Any content that will challenge your thought process will either be shelved or given the midnight slot.

Work, consume, die, that’s all the system wants from you.

Work like a rat, consume crap that you don’t need, with money that you don’t have and then die.

The Akh is currently away and is working on a plantation picking bananas. He is developing a taste for tamales colorados and returns sometime in January 2012



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2 responses to “Q: Why do politicised comedians get sacked from the BBC? A: For criticising foreign policy & Israel

  1. Mukhtaar

    The Today programme on Radio4 that was aired this morning 29/Dec/2011 was choked with blatant Jewish supremacist ideals. They welcomed Sir Victor Blank as a guess editor, a rich man behind many Israel uber Alles groups including Hillel active at university campuses and BICOM. In return, he welcomed more of his gangsters including Rabbis to lecture us about “leadership” when in fact the only leadership they are concerned is about Jewish leadership. See their group called Jewish Leadership Council to learn about who is who.

    The irony was that the subject was about “philanthropy”, only problem with these people was that they were selective by race. As long as BBC does bad, it will only attract other bad people. I am glad I decided to no longer pay TV licence to stop funding hate against me and my family.

    • Akh The Angry Academic Activist

      Salaam Mukhtaar,

      Jazak Allah Khair for the comment brother.

      Do you have a link for the show? I’ll be interested to hear it upon my return.

      Truth of the matter is that the zionists understand the media and political game, they’ve had a headstart on us for over a hundred years.

      The last ten years have seen us make massive strides, but we are sadly impeded by our own who tell us not to get involved in such matters.

      There is no better dawah than protecting the Muslims and our interests.

      The decisions made in this country are the difference between bombs falling on muslims children in Iraq, or if we lobby to the strength and influence that they possess, the bombs don’t get dropped.

      I’m tired of pointing the finger outwards – it’s high time our own daee’s began to teach that after E’maan comes the defence of Muslims – now thats a weekend conference I’ll be happy to pay to attend.

      The Akh

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