Seeing flashing lights & public marches? It’s Mawlid Time!

It’s the Mawlid today & I can’t wait to get out on the street and wave my green flag and then go back to the Masajid to take part in some out of tune singing and then eat some biryani…

Maybe, just maybe I’ll get my picture taken with the local MP.

How cool will that be?!

I’ve written before on the nature of the Muslim leadership in my locality.

It’s always galling how the community leaders can muster their flock into a show of force, but these very same people will not bat an eye lid when Islam is attacked every single day – the Prophet SAW is insulted, or Muslims are butchered – don’t say nothing in the Masajids as no politics are allowed.

If you try and speak out against the passivity being preached, one of the “respected elders” are quick to remind you:

“bastard sonny, I tell you no politic in my bloody masjid”

before knives are pulled and police turn up thanks to the direct CCTV feed going to the local station – thanks PVE!

But to go and invite the local MP to the party for a picture?

The depressing irony of it all.

The picture will take centre stage and be a source of pride for the “community leaders”- but ask the MP to name the people in the picture he appears with?

Modern day cha wallahs – a throwback to the good old days of the British Raj – a mentality our brainwashed people are yet to rid themselves of.

The following video illustrates the point perfectly:

When you stick to “no politics in my mosque” and then invite your local MP to a meaningless march, there’s something seriously wrong.

What you are saying is, two fingers to you jack, as long as I’m alright that’s all that matters.

By the way I’m noticing a lot of mini green flags attached to cars that are driving by pumping out “naats” very muslamic isn’t it?

Anyway, can’t hang around forever, there’s points to be scored and pictures to be had with the MP ….all those “khatums” to attend and all that biryani to be eaten.


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One response to “Seeing flashing lights & public marches? It’s Mawlid Time!

  1. The good fortune of Britain rested on approximately 4 of 5 main conditions, 1/ coal reserves. 2/ abundant supplies of water within Britain. 3/ iron ore. 4/ abundant supplies of timber, 5/ The isolation and ability to defend. with coastal water as a moat surround. 6/weather conditions being favorable,7/ the influx of aggressive forces from exterior sources, that allowed the consolidation of the enemy to subdue the native population for labor resource, for certain the first 4 to 5 resources not being available, Britain, then being unable to develop industrialization, such as and most important implements of war, thus having the ability to subjugate the World, this phenomena, instrumental to this process of the conditions outlined, had the effect psychologically on the British psyche to give the illusion of innate power and a complex of superiority as to the rest of the World, this I suggest being a linear ideology, brings us for this moment to the present of a post colonial historical outcome, this peculiar and somewhat confusing dichotomy, lead us to the confines as example, say the British Museum, of the remnants and artifacts that are now seen by many as a peculiar collection of the pillage and spoils of a Nation that is now in decline, and having for some time drifting in to old or archaic age, indeed kept alive, for better or worst the curators that keep in line with the status quo, living off the former glories of a past that has dubious credentials of a past CV.
    As Britain props up its ailing Great Grand Old Daddies of the past, our TV presenters do there best. and we look at “Grand designs” with abated breath, and also in between keeping up the latest porn, to keep our minds invigorated, attempt to get excited as we look at Medieval ruins, when we gaze at wonder at a piece of stone, once the only reminder of a wall existing 900 hundred years ago, long buried with a sense of wonder and awe.
    We understand why Britain maintains a role in supplying war machines and explosives to be exported World wide, to any buyer that Britain can use and gain raw resources, and control for its own advantage, regardless of death and destruction of the other, as a calculated outcome, with a simple equation, divide and conquer.
    It seems as if only yesterday “Look Back in Anger’, the John Osborne movie expressed a pertinent meaning of the time, we now require a new movie “Look Forward to Our Next Banking Scam” in particular inspired by no less, our Queen whom Knighted our Scottish banker, now appears as if she made a dubious choice, and yet, she being only human, we witness yet another bad judgment.
    Is it plausible the Arms Manufacturing Industry of Britain requires a spiritual direction pertaining to a wake up call, and as we see the folly of these machines of destruction, may dawn upon the consciousness of our Rt Hon William Hague; to initiate a total and radical reassessment of the arms manufacturing industry, that castes a dark shadow upon the integrity of British Leadership.

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