Khader Adnan – Exposing What Israeli “Administrative Detention” Really Means

Father of Khader Adnan campaigning for his sons release

Khader Adnan has been on hunger strike for 66 days against his “administrative detention” by Israel without charge or trial. His fight for the rights of Palestinian political prisoners has garnered mass support from Amnesty International stating “Israeli authorities have revealed no evidence justifying his continued detention.”

The online campaign via Twitter using the hashtag #HungerStrikingfor65days was the strongest hashtag yet, tens of thousands tweeted using that hashtag and it remained the #1 globally trending topic. Social media has got millions of people to pay attention to Khader Adnan’s case online.

For as long as I can remember, The West & Israel have continually stated the Palestinians should forego any means of armed resistance for “non violent” peaceful demonstration.

Many have continually asked where the Palestinian Ghandhi’s are?

With armed resistance against Israel at an all time low, despite continual bombings and assassinations carried out with impunity by israeli death squads, Palestinians have not reacted in any forceful manner.

This israeli policy of “administrative detention” is no different to the internment policy used by the apartheid era South African government. Khader Adnan is one case, but israel holds men, women and children in prison. Many, like Khader, have no charges made against them and are imprisoned on an indefinite basis.

No due process, no habeas corpus, no justice, a crime in itself from the self styled “Only democracy in the Middle East”.

Recently I’ve been re-reading Joe Sacco’s Palestine a moving comic/graphic novel that captures the issues of Palestine in a very simple and yet compelling manner. I’d go as far as to say that if you know someone who knows absolutely nothing about Palestine, give them this book to read and you’ll have a Pro-Palestine advocate on your hands.

There was a chapter in the book titled “The tough & the dead” which I’ve embedded below. This is what typically happens to the people that israel puts through it’s indefinite imprisonment without charge or trial, that it gives the innocuous sounding term “administrative detention”.

It is wholly relevant to what our political prisoners like Khader Adnan are put through:

To view in fullscreen click here

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2 responses to “Khader Adnan – Exposing What Israeli “Administrative Detention” Really Means

  1. Jarrar

    Excellent ad usual

  2. Ghandi at the time of his death, in 1947, a population of 350 million Indians existed, the emergence for self autonomy becoming evident as a realistic outcome, after the British oppressive forces were overthrown, dating from the 17th century.
    India is somewhat indebted to the Japanese, for this outcome.
    A different situation now exists for the Palestinian People to shake off the oppressors who trespassed and infiltrated this land, by enforcement and endorsed by British and American Governments, with the hope of eventual legal and sovereign right to the once owned Palestinian land.
    The failure of a Gandhi to emerge is in part and a major part of money supplied by the predominately Jewish banking cartel and Governments of America and Britain, this creating a huge military presence, that has the strategic advantage of controlling the Suez Canal, and oil supplies, and any resources found in the ground for the use of the Western Allies.
    The Middle East is a dumping ground for out of date Western Allies technology, such as weapons and ammunition in exchange for rapidly diminishing resources, the control of the Middle East is through despot ruling elites such as we now see in Syria, by the West, this Western interference is primarily the destruction of the moral fibre of the Arabic People, and controling the minds of same.
    The emergence of a charismatic leader, for the Middle East is doubtful in the present political climate as the West have got the proboscis deep in the veins of the Islamic Psyche, and owing to the West’s all seduction and worship of the technological God, the same God worshiped by Christoper Hitchens, Daniel Dennett, Richard Dawkins, and last but not least Sam Harris, known to some as the Four Horseman, interesting enough relating to the New Testament treatise, obvious their definition having a parochial view on how God is defined, we require more information as to a definition of what meaning impugned by the word God, as if we all have the same understanding of this word, and at the time of writing, the author awaits for more information and meaning with regard to their attack on the Divine, it is unfortunate we will not arrive at a possible answer to this question through Hitchens, even if only we had a directive marred by a haze of whiskey.

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