Hisnul Muslim – Fortress of the Believer

For the last twelve months, I’ve seen more death and illness visit my people than at any other stage in my life. Both young and old, healthy and ill, there’s been no escape from the malak al-maut (angel of death), the idiom “death is certain” has come to embed itself into my conciousness at every breathing minute, whether I’m visiting someone in hospital or watching the news on TV, all I see is death and destruction.

That’s not to say I’m riddled with angst or depression, I know that Allah will never give us a burden that we cannot carry and we will be tested, no one gets an easy pass in life.

So what gets us through the trials we face?


That this life is but a blink of an eye and the life that awaits us is much greater than we can comprehend.

Roughly 18 months ago, a dear friend of mine and his wife were expecting to have a baby. She suffered a miscarriage and the baby was lost. The impact it had on their life was monumental. As a friend of twenty years, I did what I could to alleviate their grief, but the truth is no matter what I did, I couldn’t help them.

In three weeks from today, they are expecting their first child, not one child, but triplets, all boys.

Allah takes and Allah gives. In both there is a test for us.

Over time, I myself and many others have been unsure over what duah to make or how to act in certain situations.

A book titled “Fortress of the Muslim” (Hisnul-Muslim), which contains Duahs/Invocations from the Qur’an & Sunnah, has been of great help to me and as such I wanted to share it with you.

This life is temporary and the days of hell are eternal, instead of calling Allahs name when your faith is bare, walk straight and give Allah praise & your prayer.


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