What’s up with these debating Muslims & “Quran Camp”?

The pacified, non political muslim can organise a 3 day “Quran camp” & fly in esteemed ulema from all over the world to attend and discuss all great matters of fiqh.

You know the important stuff like the etiquette of sneezing & should the man who’s riding a horse offer to say salaam first to the man who’s walking.

When will they gather to teach Muslims how to defend themselves?

While you debate, it’s the non-Muslim, you know, the one who you call a “Kuff” who’s out there in Palestine putting his body between the israeli murderers and Palestinian children.

Well done to the great debaters, keep perfecting yourself!


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One response to “What’s up with these debating Muslims & “Quran Camp”?

  1. gw

    Wow! Surprise another bat shit crazy muslim! Stop wasting your breath on Israel its not going anywhere. Its really too bad usa needs oil so bad or your fucking so called religion and countries would be on your hands and knees begging us for a scrap of bread and because we are the kind of people we are, we would give it to you even knowing you will stab us in the back… Fundamentalism no matter what stupid fake religion (including christianity) is dangerous. And your boycott everything except islam is why your kind of people are going to keep getting fucked over… Cause you don’t know how to be human. Your all monsters and your followers do terrible things in the name of god. You should be ashamed of yourselves

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