Jasiri X #thewholeworldiswatching – Album of the year!

Rapper & activist Jasiri X just dropped the album of the year #thewholeworldiswatching, how many rappers do you know who will drop lyrics about Gary Webb’s Dark Alliance while exposing the Bush family?

I haven’t added to my “soundtrack to the struggle” for a while now, but Jasiri X is a definite worthwhile addition to that category.

If you want a snapshot of what America looks like right now, in the form of hiphop, then drop by the Jasiri X bandcamp page and get the entire album. If Immortal Technique, Lowkey, Dead Prez are your artists of choice, then go support Jasiri X.

Shoutout to everyone who gets the reference

…..Film the Police!


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One response to “Jasiri X #thewholeworldiswatching – Album of the year!

  1. A reminder of police brutality, the same as Hitlers thugs, always a job for sadists as a outlet for there repressed barbarity, if they did not hide behind the uniform and what it stands for, would be put behind bars for confinement as a danger to the Public.

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