Creating the Terror Threat: CIA & Al-Qaeda’s Underwear Bomber V.2.0

Get your Al-CIAda boxer shorts – they’re the bomb!

The CIA COINTELPRO programme continues unabated, this time it’s the Al-CIAda in Yemen franchise that wants a piece of the action, by launching a new and improved underwear bomber. Presumably the Y fronts are out and boxer shorts are in? what if he goes commando next time?

Only last week I wrote how the Zombie of Bin Laden would be used to scare the pants off the free world, I didn’t realise the boys at Langley would be rehashing an old script.

I wonder how this particular underwear bomber was actually recruited by Al CIAda? Maybe they made him a diaper he couldn’t re-fuse?

We’ve already seen how the Israeli SITE intelligence group are responsible for decoding “hidden messages” in previous episodes of this farce.

I wonder how the underwear bomber paid for his ticket? Maybe with all the frequent fire points he’s racked up.

Or how about the fact that most suitcase bombs recovered from such entrapment cases are ones that are specially built for the intelligence agencies.

Maybe the underwear bomber was caught when he booked his seat – as he was sitting in C-4.

Or the fact that for 18 months, the FBI trained and then supplied bomb making equipment to the “Portland Christmas Tree Bomber”

How about the facts that were published by the New York Times In October 1993, but failed to get any recognition in the mass media, that the FBI was in contact with willing terrorists whom they assisted in building an inert bomb. Inexplicably, the FBI agents switched the inert explosives with a real device which was then delivered to the WTC and detonated, killing 6 and injuring 1,042.

This video by Russia Today, documents exactly how the FBI/Intelligence agencies are creating the terror threat to heighten tensions and further escalate the so called “terror threat posed by radical Muslims”.

With the Olympics not far away, and the militarisation of London continuing with surface to air missiles being positioned in public places, one has to remember that Israel’s Mossad have played a key role in providing security protocols.

I expect the first thing the underwear bomber’s lawyer will do in court is to file his client’s briefs.

All underwear related puns aside, travelling whilst being a muslim, just got that little bit harder for us brown skins with funny sounding names.



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2 responses to “Creating the Terror Threat: CIA & Al-Qaeda’s Underwear Bomber V.2.0

  1. The security industry is now big business, I would say it is the next revolution, the Securindustry, equivalent to the English industrial revolution, where can Establishment go? The Monarchy?, the Tory Government?, the arms industry? and security forces not forgetting Banking and Finance industry has no choice other than to create the new direction, the terrorist, Your Government has metamorphosed and evolved from Batman status, to “The Saviour”, the Games have now extended jt’s capacity to go well beyond the limitation of the walls of the stadium, having in place rocket launchers, the welfare State is now looking after your welfare, giving you peace of mind, so you are free to rest assured, the runners will not be have limitations and worry about extraneous matters as handicaps of threats, such as the odd hand grenade being lobed upsetting their form.
    Did you expect Lennon’s song “Give Peace a Chance” to have a chance?
    Now embedded in the “System” like a virus in a computer and now part and parcel of the computer,. The weave within the non profit organization of the “Tavistock Institute of Human Relations” is the virus, have a peep at Colemans, ex MI6, agent, a book, or exerts, revealing the insidious inside story of a Nation now spiritually bankrupt, for a analysis of the hidden agenda of the News you are not supposed to get.
    The wordsmiths of the highly educated are all within the compass of this organization, our celebrity of yesterday,and hero, some may remember R D Laing, also for a time the figurehead of this Group, unfortunately his demise came about as he believed in his own omnipresence, having reputedly seeing God, and at this time, contributing to a breakdown for Ronnie’s losing it, in what is known as the Establishments endorsement of reality, the CIA who had infiltrated this group with the blessings of MI5/6, programs began such as MKULTRA, contributing to curtailing any signs of visionaries, disturbing the sleeping dead that haunted Parliament, who may have awoken from the deep sleep that affirmed the part that had been chosen for them long before they were born. And for those unfortunates who have listened to “Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds” to many times for their own good, this call to the other side, their is no return, the cure has only one known antidote for this disease at present, it is the 2nd coming, none other than the “The Military State”. to straiten out any one that has ideas other than the prescribed reality of the Highway Code.

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