Want to know what’s really perverse & terrible?

Victims of a US drone attack Pakistan May 2012

Hillary Clinton has the audacity to talk about the “perverse and terrible” lengths that terrorists go to, while the US government sends drones to murder a mother & her two daughters as they slept.

Remind me who’s the terrorist & who’s doing the terrorising?

It’s taken the Americans twenty years to realise that they are responsible for creating the situation in Afghanistan.

Maybe it’ll take them another twenty years to work out why the rest of the world hate them.

Keep dropping bombs on people the world over and keep asking yourselves the same questions – why are they angry? why are they radicalised?

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One response to “Want to know what’s really perverse & terrible?

  1. Terrorism is always defined as the outcome of the other, terrorism, that is the creation and definition by our culture as military action against us, us as the correct and authoritarian statement of the State and those who identify with the Forces of perceived power therein, the Western allies no doubt have looked in to the philosophy of Corea Walsh, and his “The Climax of Civilization”, also could be entitled “The Climax of Civilization and a Treatise of Terror”, to keep it that way, the drone attacks are all part of the disconnection between the armchair* and spilt blood, a sort of version of the sanitized cleansing of death and the Western Clean living of the white mica veneered kitchen.

    Violence and its perpetration, becoming endemic with the British industrial age, the consequence and impact upon the psyche, having suffered the effects of the machine, over centuries, now Man to some extent losing perspective of its humanity and spirituality and losing the self in any sense of truth, compassion, or moral acumen, or underlying connection.

    As one scans the horizon of the political perspective it is hardly surprising our own Mr Cameron, has in his biological family relatives that have a work context to the Royals of Britain, as “Guardian of the Stools” or respectfully “The Bedchamber”, the desire the Royals, eager to distance themselves from the “Commoners” yet to be seen as if on the level playing field, have a delicate balance of juggling and being on “The Throne”, in Cameron”s ancestry being in the pay of the Rothschilds, it is hardly surprising given this history, we are all victims of the Military State, that to return to any semblance of sanity, the road is now almost a insurmountable task, if not irredeemable.

    We now have to put the question to the voting public of Britain? what made you do this? is this leader of the British State representing your interests as such? is he capable anymore than the Clintons having the capacity of connecting with People? No, he is only capable of decision making is alien to the interests of The People of Britain, then who is he representing as a possible undercover agent? the Elite, forget his degree in philosophy at Cambridge, the outpouring of students from Cambridge, Oxford, Eton, and so on, are for one aspect only, for the Elites and by the Elites, and who are they? they predominately handle 4 billion pounds every day through the stock exchange, and what is more this money is not for the taxpayer of Britain, the taxpayer is a mere spectator rather more like the crowds of Rome, being entertained at the Flavian Amphitheater, both scenarios are connected with the outcome of death and destruction of life and Military misadventure.

    * For those that do not get the analogy, you can operate a drone from the armchair of comfort, or alternately “The Throne”. here the meaning has more than a singular purpose.

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