Help for Heroes OR Help for Cowards?

Which of the above best describes the reality of the global war against Islam?

Eight members of an Afghan family, including six children, were killed by a Nato airstrike three days ago.

A U.S. terminator drone strike hit a village mosque in northwest Pakistan, at least 10 people were killed, six days ago.

The consequences of your global war against Islam/terror/brown people barely makes the news anymore.

We used to be “collateral damage” we’re not even worth two words anymore.

Do you really want to know what’s perverse & terrible?

Yes I support the troops, I support Joe Glenton when he said “British troops are dying in Americas’ wars”

I support the troops when they said the “Afghan War is about strategic influence; economics & mineral wealth”

You sold your soul to the American devil, Great Britain.

Do you still want that answer to your oft asked question, why is the Muslim world so angry?

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One response to “Help for Heroes OR Help for Cowards?

  1. I wouldn’t call the British soldiers of today cowards, but they’re not heroes either — not to anyone except each other. Heroes are the people who saved this country from being taken over by the Nazis and, perhaps, those who stopped the tin-pot dictators in Argentina taking over the Falklands (and ensuring their downfall in the process, because their people saw that they not only couldn’t govern, they couldn’t even win a war). The wars of today are wars of choice, fought so that British politicians could curry favour with America. I can’t take an organisation seriously that calls those soldiers heroes.

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