What does being “British” mean?

What does being British mean? Is there such a thing as “Britishness”?

With the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations dragging on endlessly, (Kohinoor Diamond stolen from India) there’s a definite split amongst the Royalites and the rest of us, who are indifferent to the The House of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha, you know the German Queen and her Greek Prince husband.

So what does being British actually mean?

What does it mean to be British?

It means I can sit here in England

On an American website

With my Japanese laptop, that was probably made in S.Korea, with Coltan mined by children from war ravaged Congo

Drinking tea from Africa

While sitting on a chair from Sweden

That’s on a rug from Italy.

Later on I may jump into my British car, that’s owned by an Indian corporation

Go to a Dutch owned petrol station, to put in petrol that’s come from Iraq

& finally drive down to eat some Spanish tapas cooked by a Filipino chef.

I’m living the British dream – Benefiting from the legacy of a Global Empire whilst others serve that legacy.

Sadly, Britain isn’t as great as she used to be.



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5 responses to “What does being “British” mean?

  1. I see the Ahmaddiya, as always, are exceptionally keen to demonstrate their loyalty to the British crown.

  2. The pilots of Britain, knew what they were as being British and what they stood for, after the WW2 a sense of relief emerged, parallel to this the British had a sense of inner confusion, you perceived that you did not talk about the war nor your own experience, the rationing lasted to past 1950s, as repayments to America for war loans/supplies, this impacted on the morale of the British, many Britains I suggest, were in fact driven on mass to insanity, as rationing ended, a strange phenomena occurred, garage bands emerged, this youth culture, attempting to find a voice of expression, the Beatles emerged early along with other bands such as the Stones, in the 60s this religion or hysteria filled the hearts of the oppressed with a sense of hope, as the forces of darkness closed in on this brief renaissance of hope, you may remember also, the flowers given on the Street at Haight Ashbury, California, this gesture had a sincerity of youthful hope, as opposing this state of affairs the Elite, decided they had, had enough, this ensued the bankers would increase borrowing to put Nations and individuals in debt, in part to curtail a feeling of goodwill and to terminate and exterminate this rise of elation, as the noose tightened in terms of creating fear amongst public, by the construct of psuedo wars, such as Vietnam, this served the purpose of Elites in polarizing authoritarian oppression, such as the legitimate use of police brutality.
    “Tavistock Institute of Human Relations”, started as a legitimate concern for war soldiers that suffered from war injuries and trauma, as Rockefeller moved in on this Institute and funded them, around 1947, he created a different direction, briefly to control the masses, and individuals, hence MKUltra, a CIA offshoot, also participating with this Institute, as with MI5/6 and LSD arrived on mass, through these police involvements,
    What the hippies did not know, is they had become victims to police and establishment infiltration, this happened through drugs such as hashish, and a drug culture, also sex and the pill become part of the indoctrination, and music that at one time expressed the idea British had at last found their voice, a lapse of some centuries, spanning from Greensleeves! ballads of the 17th century, the music industry become infiltrated as a mass hysteria organization that attracted the attention of people such as the CIA for its crowd hysteria value, and from the late 1960s the forces of Establishment, concerned with control and manipulation of the mind set as worked out by predominately the Tav, and the think tanks of the psychiatrists or high priests, committed to programs such as resource manipulation, and directives of fear programs, as fear of terrorists and Muslims, being behind attacks upon the West, programs of torture, media manipulation, police corruption, camera surveillance, banking scams, stock exchange fraud, consumption, health, disease, and its creation, gurus, sports, working class protocols, middle class protocols, artistic manipulation, psychotherapy, Royal events, TV producers, TV directors, TV presenters, arms supplies, arms manufacturing, in Britain and British company’s set up abroad supplying arms under cover, incriminating and collusively working to avoid detection of arms supplies, setting up revolutionary formats to create controls of resource supplies, infiltration of Universities, infiltration of all political parties, i.e. are you serious in thinking that Blair is a legitimate representative of the labor party values? Blair’s mind set, has completely lost all direction in morality, by this process of indoctrination, this is not that Blair is intrinsically evil, it is that he has simple lost his way to a perfected degree by the system, as with all these people such as ex President Bush, or Cameron, I have to advocate on their behalf these men and these types should not be prosecuted for crimes against humanity, as this will create fear in these individuals, that will induce them to become more tyrannical and direct their disconnected self in to a greater monster, as increasingly people no longer believe in all the propaganda they are accustomed to, the public will come to understand this is just a historical internalized misunderstanding of self and others.

  3. that’s not the first bus-advert the ahmadiyya have taken out – remember their ‘peace for all’ advert?

    as for being british and what it means – i don’t think there’s one answer for it – i’m british because i hold a passport but i’m also british by some traits such as hating the french!

  4. Fi

    Union Street! Still beholds sentiment that walking together is where we’re headed.

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