Killer Mike – Reagun – R.A.P. Music

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Killer Mike – Reagan

From his new album RAP Music.

“Ronald Reagan was an actor, not at all a factor
Just an employee of the country’s real masters
Just like the Bushes, Clinton and Obama
Just another talking head telling lies on teleprompters
If you don’t believe the theory, then argue with this logic
Why did Reagan and Obama both go after Qaddafi
We invaded sovereign soil, going after oil
Taking countries is a hobby paid for by the oil lobby
Same as in Iraq, and Afghanistan
And Ahmadinejad say they coming for Iran
They only love the rich, and how they loathe the poor
If I say any more they might be at my door
I’m dropping off the grid before they pump the lead
I leave you with four words: I’m glad Reagan dead”

Go get that album!



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2 responses to “Killer Mike – Reagun – R.A.P. Music

  1. I would like to focus on the last line of the poem with Reagans death, although dead, and yet in a curious way still alive as the Institution manifests all of what Reagan stood for, that is the American Proboscis, now deep within the oil wells, sucking the life blood out of the Middle East, in exchange for military equipment and supplies of ammunition, that is already dated or obsolete, ensuring the managing agents of these countries perform to the stars and stripes, as cheerleaders.

    Interesting enough, had Hitler been shot and killed, the German Reich, would, I think collapse, not so with the Western Leaders, why? one, because Hitler, was set up by the the Western Banking fraternity, as a stooge for money making, as a charismatic individual, and the Banking fraternity now firmly established in the Western so called democracy, as long established, now entwined with tentacles that penetrate in every facet of life here, that works as Institutes, incorporating, stocks, shares, hedge funds, futures, call it what you like surreptitiously or by deviant means, approved by Western Governments as a scheme or to be correct a Ponzi pension scheme, that implicated every Western family in investing in Military, by default.

    The Wests, manufacturing sector, distributed military hardware through trade fares that accordingly has no records kept, as to where this military death machinery ends up, this carefully calibrated distribution network has been worked out to avoid any unpleasant repercussions.
    The Western Allies, having at its disposal a vast harvesting network of collecting the brains from certain Universities throughout this region, to be offered contracts that are lucrative financially. to entice those that are either amoral or as yet unable to comprehend outcomes, for use in the military workshops for varied jobs such as design, explosive research, and a host of work, all with two aims in mind, death and profit.

    Today I heard how Australia’s, Liberal Party, have a platform of small government, with no religious affiliations, and morality is not part of the Parties Policy, although it reeks of hypocrisy and is a outright lie, it is curious, Abbot, opposition leader is a constant voice, criticizing and lecturing on morality, directed at opposition, the Prime Minister, here I suggest lies, deception and corruption, are now so embedded in our culture an the World, the false and the truth no longer distinguishable, and if any person so outspoken as to speak the truth, would be seen as either novel, backward, naive, insane, or whatever, we now being so far from realistically coming to terms with any sense of humanity, the rise in brain tumors, now on the rise, is of no surprise, as a plethora of disease, becomes the common currency of the day, including the dis ease, that the comfort of the armchair within the car, can no longer assuage the unease.

    And as we chalk up the mileage, to get away from “IT”, the view works hard to conceal, the oil used as a propellant, appears as if one imagines the mingling of blood on the tracks?

    • Akh The Angry Academic Activist

      Absolutely Don, the same lobbyists and corporations that bank rolled George W Bush were the same ones that got Obama elected.

      The self interest lobbyist groups don’t care about the individual’s politics, they see someone who needs funding and when in power will return the favour.

      Not hard to figure out, but no one will ever speak on this trough out the halls of academia when studying politics or international relations….and they have the nerve to call it the greatest form of governance known to man.

      The lobbyists and self interest groups probably borrow from the American government phrase, when describing any President or senator they helped elect:

      He may be a son of a bitch, but he’s OUR son of a bitch

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