Hotter Than A Pile Of Curry is Three years old!

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That’s right, Hotter Than A Pile Of Curry turns three years old today!

765 published posts, hundreds of thousands of views and endless comments….The Akh thanks you for your patronage over the last few years and hopefully look forward to your continued support over the coming years.

Over the last few years, I’ve mapped out how a potent mix of an unethical and murderous Foreign Policy primarily influenced by zionist interests is contributing to a never ending & escalating War of Terror.

The ones to benefit from this of course are special self interest groups, like the Military Industrial Complex who make money from every bullet and bomb that’s fired.

In amidst all of this Muslims in Britain have struggled with their identity and how to implement the Quran, Hadith and Sunnah to inspire, guide and lift this Ummah out of the oppressive conditions it faces.

Many a Muslim in the UK has been cowered into silence thanks to the COINTELPRO strategies of the intelligence agencies designed to make Muslims look bad in the eye of the masses. Coupled with a rise in the far right racist movements like the English Defence League and the militant jewish zionist extremists these exemplify the ever increasing threats Muslims in the UK face resulting in a rise in Islamophobic incidents.

The only way through this, is to realise the forgotten fard of Jihad Fi’Sabeel’Allah within media and politics.

Examples of Non Muslim Extremism have to be highlighted wherever possible, to show the hypocrisy of the political establishment.

This comes at a time where media ownership and control have been shown to be as important as politics itself.

If you needed it, the Islamic reasoning for Muslim participation in the fields of media and politics are clear cut.

As Muslims across the Middle East fight for their freedom it’s high time Muslims realise the freedoms we have in the UK, and fight that bit harder to lift the occupation for our people in Palestine.

So, put aside the petty differences that you have been taught, and understand we are all in this struggle together, understand the power and leadership nexus of the past to guide you in to the future.


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  1. I am making a comment on the killing of the soldier at Woolwich Barracks, what is significant is the mileage in which the press or media decided how this incident should be played, what was a constant reference was these men were Muslim or they were affiliated to Islam, the wel known Wiki leaks of the gunship shooting and killing or maiming innocent citizens, the poit of reference to this murder with regard to the helicopter American gunship is, here I see little difference in outcome to the London killing, in fact one would have to say as a contrast the so called Islamist statement was in reference to atrocities of military repression abroad by no less than the British military, the incident of the gunship killing and the military being USA, items, were in fact far worst as atrocities than the London killing, in as much the Americans as recorded, were commenting on this shooting as it happened and you would have to think the mental condition of these military GIs, were akin to what you might hear as a slaughter of animals.
    We must ask the question as to why in Muslim countries so many die as a every day occurrence as opposed to so few die in the Allied West? I suggest, the industrial revolution as Britain instigated this mechanization, and as a central component the gun was a major part in efficiency of murdering people, throughout the world, the important aspect to this phenomena is this changed the psyche of the Western mind that those in this club, become drunk with the power this technology gave them.
    Killing become a everyday reality, of the Western culture, although, this new discovered power, the gun, become the cult religion of the West, as you now see in America their are in the region of 300 million guns, held by private citizens, and it is now no longer possible to terminate this obsession, where this may become a problem for American governing forces, is those that have little and they are gaining in numbers, is a revolutionary breakdown of law and order, in some ways, I would say this would in time be of benefit, to the rest of the world.
    The question is and one requires some response is? why are the Arab nations undergoing subversive and ruthless antagonism from the West? their are two central reasons, one the Arab nations attempted to have a different policy concerning usury, this is not part of the Western Allies agenda, they require usury for control and oppression of the masses, Two, the central condition Mohamed, had seen the invasions from the West, and this condition required Mohamed to change the precepts of the vision, to fighting the invaders, as opposed to Christ’s idea of turning the other cheek, I concur with Mohamed, that if you met up with a wild animal say a crocodile, you do noit turn the other cheek, unless you are egotist and have the idea the crocodile will understand that we are all part of the same thing, the problem is further is exacerbated, by the Jewish claim of the chosen people, this story had all the elite ideology as a spiritual claim to Gods will so to speak this concept combined with in essence British technology, was all that was needed to rule the world.
    We now have no choice other than to rearrange reality, we are no longer to be subject to deference, we have tolerated the absurd for to long and now have to get to grips with our focus on changing the conditions of what the oppressive forces require of what we are unable to give.

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