Who’s the terrorist? – In 1988 US Navy blew up Iran Air flight leaving 290 dead

On July 3 1988, the US navy, courtesy of the USS Vincennes, targeted Iran Air flight 655 with a missile, blowing the passenger plane out of the sky, killing all 290 people on board.

Vice-President at the time, George H.W. Bush was quoted in Newsweek saying:

“I’ll never apologize for the United States of America. Ever. I don’t care what the facts are.”

So who are the real terrorists?

You all remember Lockerbie? Megrahi & the American hypocrisy surrounding that case?

That Libya were providing safe haven for terrorists.

Did anyone ever draw the same conclusion, that America shooting down a passenger jet, while trespassing into Iranian waters and refusing to apologise for it, had committed a deliberate act of war?

No one talks about Iran Air Flight 655, because Muslim blood is cheap and plentiful.

Still think we hate you for your freedom and democracy?

Bare hypocrisy.

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One response to “Who’s the terrorist? – In 1988 US Navy blew up Iran Air flight leaving 290 dead

  1. It is not surprising George Bush is unconcerned as to what the facts are, he being Jewish and having a agenda that is directed by the government that is outside the elected government, having to answer to the banking fraternity as lapdog to the commands of the Rothschilds and Rockefeller organizations.
    The collaboration between Rothschild and Lord Balfour in instigating loans for WW1, to Britain plus usury repayments, in exchange for Palestine infiltration of Jewish settlement and having the outcome and eventuality of creating Israel, this conspiracy had a investment for Britain as a base for oil and Suez security interests benefiting both parties.
    It has to be remembered, for some time Britain had a motive for Jewish occupation and settlement in Palestine, this plan could be achieved by the overthrow of the Ottoman Empire, who controlled Palestine, with the help of the Arabs, Lawrence of Arabia who was the go between with London’s, Whitehall’s, Military, and MI5/6, and his eventual betrayal of the Arabs.
    What is of surprise to me is, how the British Elite and power brokers have maintained a system of depravity and corruption over a huge time of some centuries, having acknowledged this curious phenomena, also a noted similarity, reminding me of the dinosaurs, this primitive species having been around for a considerable time, as one see’s the residue of ancient species that survive well here in Australia, we have our collection of wildlife such as the crocodiles having become so in harmony with the environment for millions of years it has not developed over this myriad of time, thanks to the humanitarian insight of a few individuals the culling was terminated and the species saved from extinction, I am not suggesting this fate as a conclusion for the 12 tribes that appear now as a species reminiscent of similarity, that has become increasingly a curiosity that we should endeavor to preserve from a fate that is becoming more suitable for the freak show, the circus and of our entertainment.
    Nevertheless, as it is not prudent to swim amongst some primeval species of animal life, we must take precaution not to become to familiar as pertaining to the tribe mentioned, as is likely to be the most dangerous threat to the welfare of Man/woman kind on our Planet in the close and forseeable future for harm.

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