6 responses to “Economic hitmen & imperialism masquerading as foreign aid

  1. structural adjustment programmes, the washington consensus, raegan and thatcher, neoliberalism..i think it’s commonly accepted that aid-with-strings-attached is sinister…there’s a great book called ‘dead aid’ which is worth a read http://www.dambisamoyo.com/books-and-publications/book/dead-aid/#!/dead-aid/

  2. Brilliant eye opener! Until we understand global economics and the tyranny that results from it, nothing will change for the better.

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    A short and sweet article about economic hitmen

  4. The story always seems the same, the banking fraternity uses money in the way of loans to individuals and countries with interest repayments designed to enforce bankruptcy and oppression, we see increasing militarization of financiers using money to destroy countries and destroy the culture and morality of people, this style of colonization keeps the infrastructure in tact without the destruction of buildings and the mess of cleaning up, this agenda has been operating for some time, this manipulation by a particular group and culture now deeply enshrined by infiltration from a central location, London.
    As a result of criminal historical circumstance, of the British Elite, it is time for the British Elite admits its criminal past and makes a commitment to ending its allegiance to corruption and rectify a track record of willful and sustained evil.
    It is now time to review its policies and give the third World, its due, that is dignity as human beings and drop the superior British attitude and ideology of misrepresentation that now appears to the intelligent as anachronistic.

  5. Akh The Angry Academic Activist

    Great set of comments!

    It’s slowly dawned on people what the impact the banking system has on the world – it hopefully won’t be long before people see institutions like the IMF and World Bank for what they are – crooks.

    Always remember – that when the “Doves” fail – economic arm twisting policies – then the “Jackals” are sent in.

    The Jackals used to be methods of assassination of political leaders, launching Coup d’états.

    In today’s climate all it takes is the contrived revolutionary fervour gripping the world to launch instability for the masses and gains for the few at the top.

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