The London Olympics 2012 are almost here!

We’re a few hours away from the opening ceremony of the London Olympics 2012 & after all they hype, headache and £9.3 billion spent, the “Greatest show on the planet” kicks off in a £27 Million pound opening ceremony.

Yes, eye watering figures, how many hospitals, schools and homes could have been built with that sort of money?

Money the government doesn’t have, to put the homeless and drug addicted soldiers that fought in it’s wars into homes and rehab.

The London Olympics are also being used by the israeli’s for political leverage, to get a minute silence at the opening ceremony for a few athletes killed in Munich – you can read more on that in detail here: “An Olympic silence silenced” this excellent article is by brother Abdelxyz who’s blog you really should bookmark and visit regularly.

Simultaneously, your favourite israeli Mark Regev has been spearheading the zionist lobby to pressure the BBC & it’s Middle East Bureau Chief, Paul Danahar to reclassify illegally occupied Jerusalem as it’s capital.

Politics and sports do mix – ask the American squad who boycotted the Moscow Olympics in 1980.

Londoners have had to deal with a militarisation of our city, rocket launchers on rooftops, the army patrolling our city streets, we all feel so much safer knowing that it’s the Israeli’s who are running the Olympic security apparatus.

Why do you think there has been a witchhunt against the top brass of Muslim officers in the Metropolitan Police department, do you honestly believe they’d let a Muslim/Paki have anything to do with the Olympics?

Before you mistaken this for being against some kind of imaginary “Olympic Spirit” (£9.3 Billion buys you a lot of spirit), I was actually involved in the construction of the Stratford Olympic site and despite my earlier misgivings I do actually have tickets for a couple of events and I had to apply for them like everyone else.

Have a read through the “critical information” I received from the Olympic ticketing department:

Arrive early so you have plenty of time to go through security: gates open two hours before your session. It will be busy so expect to queue. You will need to empty your pockets before you go through security checks.

We strongly suggest you do not bring a bag: the security procedure is different to other London 2012 venues. If you do bring a bag, your entry to the venue will be delayed and you may miss your event.

Read the lists of prohibited and restricted items for your venue: if you are carrying any of these items with you when you arrive, you will be asked to surrender it and won’t get it back. You cannot bring in liquids over 100ml. There are no storage facilities available.

What are the odds I get pulled out of the line for a “Random Search”?

Pretty high.

I’d be better off trying to catch a one way flight to New York with no luggage.

While I’m being raped by a G4S security guard, I can use some of my lines I’ve been developing for just such a situation, I use them while being felt up by security at airports, but I’m sure they’ll work just as well with the idiot security guards at the Olympics.

Enjoy the opening ceremony of the London Olympics – I’ll be breaking my fast and attending Taraweh – I’ll catch all the buffoonery on some kind of highlights package.


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3 responses to “The London Olympics 2012 are almost here!

  1. I am so glad I am not in the UK! I do not feel any kind of joy at the olympics, only shock and horror.

  2. Its a British/Zionist military exercise with the games as the B side backup performance of a dysfunctional society, covering the sins and corruption of a State that has lost its way, reliant on gimmicks such as the Queens as a back up star to the pantomime, and refrain from”Hey Jude”, karaoke, the illusive practice of togetherness, we have the bad karma of Britain’s colonization aftermath, who created the third World for cheap labor and resources, and in exchange send arms to despots to repress the civil population, if the third World had not been created for the benefit of the exploitive repressive regimes of the Western Allies, the third World would not exist, this outcome of refugees to the first World will become a problem now and in the future for the First World, in the meantime you can see the firework display of the games and purchase a souvenir and momentarily forget.

  3. Dia ghazal

    I agree with you. I have no whatsoever feelings of joy for Olympics except when I saw Pakistani participants and Muslim participants from other countries.. I feel proud of them .. No matter if they win or not.. They are all heroes to me.. I love reading all your posts and I pray that Allah will help people like you to come forward and educate people like me who are not aware of the intentions of kafir.. Thank you so much for all the information..

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