Fasting is good for you & it’s a scientific fact!

There may be wider effects of fasting beyond changes in weight, specifically on brain cells, researchers in Baltimore and the University of Manchester have discovered.

Prof Mark Mattson, a neuroscientist in Baltimore says that fasting for one or two days a week makes cells stronger and more resistant to disease.

The Prophet SAW would fast for two days in every week, that was more than 1433 years ago and sadly Western science proves the rationale why.

I say sadly, as “Muslim” countries are indentured into servitude and do nothing to scientifically prove the truth of Islam, while the West can.

That’s what happens when you are at peace and are able to excel in science, maths and the arts, that’s what a “Free Man” can do.

So don’t just sit there downing Vimto until you’re high.

If you’re a Muslim scientist, prove this hadith:

“If a house fly falls in the drink of anyone of you, he should dip it (in the drink), for one of its wings has a disease and the other has the cure for the disease.”

(Sahih Al-Bukhari: Volume 4, Book 54, Number 537)

You know “We” won’t …….. but “They” will.


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3 responses to “Fasting is good for you & it’s a scientific fact!

  1. Certainly the fly analogy is pertinent, some years ago I had heard of a breed of flies used in cleaning open wounds, this cleansing of the wound proved to be the best, this peculiar process has been slow to take on in the Western Alliance, in part I suspect the pharmaceutical companies have a negative response to loss of profits?
    As can be seen by the Wests bulging waist line, the prophet Mohammad had a good insight in restraint of food, the impoverished Western man and women seeking solace in consumption of stuff, and stuffing themselves, the usurpers that desire to overthrow the present powers of domination and our oppressors may take solace in the most likely destruction of this Elite, will be from within, many now, distracted by the Olympic games and the landing of space craft upon Mars, I am reminded of what I regard as a salient stanza, “do not treasure what moth and rust can corrupt” for all our celebration of space travel and the games exhilaration, so soon this fades from memory, in some, our thoughts are for the tragedy of our friends who are being mutilated in Syria, for what? can it be true that the graffiti of a young person become a victim of torture ending his life, sent back dead to his parents? Is Assad a human being? What ever, our thoughts are with you, the Syrian people, I was in Syria in 1965, and overwhelmed by the friendliness and grace of these people, a contrast to the British who seemed as if they had lost touch with being human.

    • Akh The Angry Academic Activist


      Thanks for the comment as ever,

      I posted this due to it being Ramadan (Month of Fasting) and seeing too many of “my people” more interested in the aspect of quenching their hunger and thirst rather than attaining any form of “Taqwa” – Piety a conciousness of The Creator.

      Yes, as far as the Olympics go, I myself have been guilty of being distracted by the show, but not to the extent that I drop everything in my life and bow down to the rings of Olympus.

      Syria is a dirty game, there are outside vested interests a nexus of USA, Israel, GB, France, Turkey, NATO backing regional players Saudi, Qatar and the Gulf bloc against Syria, Iran, Russia and China. A dirty game which is turning horribly sectarian Sunni Vs Shia – I guess these people never learn from fighting proxy wars – the decade long Sunni Iraq Vs Shia Iran war – when Saddam Hussein was a great friend of the US and The West.

      Add to the fact that it was recently revealed that:

      “Obama signs order supporting Syria’s rebels, US government source acknowledges that US is collaborating with a secret ‘nerve centre’ operated by Turkey and its allies”

      Back in February I stated it was perfidious to suggest that the real concerns of the western political powers are with the Syrian people.

      The US Govt outsourced the Syria job to Blackwater, who have been in Syria, undertaking “intelligence” operations since Jan 2011.

      Make no mistake “The West” is on the hunt for another war in the Middle East. War is profitable business; why else do you think military supplier BAE systems announced an 18% rise in profits yesterday, amidst a global recession.

      The essence of the campaign against Syria is ultimately Iran.

  2. salam,

    on the issue of syria, it’s difficult as a ‘liberal’ sunni muslim to decide on the issue – i really am stumped. do we support the uprising against assad knowing (and accepting) the associated dangers of intervention by the west, or do we not support intervention and perhaps let events play out normally in any civil war? (which is my preferred scenario, and to do dua/fund/sympathise/aid somehow the rebels.)
    the ultimate aim of ‘humanitarian interventionists’ may be iran by undermining the shia ally of assad, but for western muslims (and for me as a sunni muslim) it looks extremely hypocritical when we back the syrian uprising but are silent on the bahraini uprisings…but as a sunni we know that the shi’ites would quite happily see the back of all sunnis..

    on the issue of fasting, the “the prophet Mohammad had a good insight in restraint of food” that donwreford mentions above is important. and listening/reading to all the benefits of fasting comes down to just a few things, mainly the hadith of: “we are a people who do not eat until we are hungry, and when we eat, we do not sate ourselves.” i find that when i do fast (after the first troubling day in ramadan) i can think clearer and am fresher, but the cultural iftari-style of over-indulgence then ruins this!

    for those in britain this bbc horizons programme is informative


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